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Why Scratch-Free Tiles Are Suitable Flooring for Pets At Home

21 November 2022
Why Scratch-Free Tiles Are Suitable Flooring for Pets At Home

Irrespective of whether you are building a new home or renovating your old one, the flooring section of your home is as important as another aspect of renovation and construction. But the catch here is, in comparison to regular homeowners, people who own pets might need to be extra careful with the flooring process. This is because pets, through no fault of their own tend to cause more stains, dirt, spills, and whatnot. Even in most situations, they inflict more permanent damage than a nominal temporary one.

Tiles that are pet friendly come in many shapes and such that may confuse the customer. So here we have mentioned some of the best tiles along with some suggestions that you may want to take into consideration before concluding.

Key points for pet-friendly homes

Pets have the capability of becoming best friends of an individual within no time and this is why almost every other house is now adopting at least one pet. However, the catch that comes with adopting a pet is that at times they can leave some problematic situations while playing around the house. Some of the common things that these fluffy friends leave behind are unwanted pet hair, dirt, and of course stains on the floors. The followings are some of the key considerations that one must keep in consideration in the case of flooring tiles:-

  • Easily cleanable
  • Excess durable
  • Resistant to dirt and spills
  • Scratch resistant

Benefits of selecting pet-friendly flooring

The following are a few of the selective benefits out of many that have been jotted down and discussed likewise:-

Easy maintenance

Using these best floor tiles is considered an ideal decision since they tend to last longer than usual and they come with minimal maintenance costs. Thus, having flooring that is resistant to scratch will prevent the owner of the home from future unnecessary problems.


It is a genuine fact that irrespective of whether the pet’s’s nails are trimmed are not, they are capable of scratching the floor, this is why as a pet owner you must shoulder the responsibility of choosing a huge-load bearing capacity along with the floor tiles must bear the capability of being resistant to scratch.

Easily cleanable

In a pet-friendly home, there will be a regular scenario of accidental spills, and pet hair around the home and that includes the flooring as well as of course the surprising pet’s bowl movements. When thinking of such a scenario, it automatically becomes a horror scene for the owner in terms of cleaning. All of this can be prevented if the owner simply chooses a flooring type that is accustomed to all of these pet activities thus making it easy to clean.

Porcelain Tiles

Pet-friendly flooring

If you have a pet in your home, you might want to go with the following mentioned flooring types:-

Bamboo flooring

This flooring is great if the pet owner wants a natural look at their home. In terms of features, they are immensely durable, scratch and stain-resistant, and can be easily maintained.

Cork flooring

This flooring is suitable if you have a pet irrespective of age. One of the best features that make it the best pick is that it is resistant to scratches and hardly leads to the growth of any kind of allergies, or bacteria that are very common amongst pets. Lastly, another vital feature of the flooring is that it absorbs sound thus making the house comparatively less noisy.

Vinyl flooring

This kind of flooring looks like hardwood. One of the best things about selecting this flooring type is that it comes under the budget. So, when this vinyl flooring is selected, the individual is guaranteed to witness flooring that can tackle all the troubles that these fluffy friends tend to offer.

Floor tiles that are resistant to pet scratches

Some of the names of the floor tiles that can withstand all kinds of pet scratches are listed below:-

PGVT Tiles

The PGVT Tiles are said to be strong with optimum durability. Furthermore, they are resistant to any kind of stain and are non-porous as well. Apart from being pet friendly, these tiles also give a shiny and presentable look around the space as they are the replica of natural designs such as the hardwood and even the concrete design of modern times.

Ceramic tiles

Such lavish ceramics are built from fired clay. One thing about them is that they are not as rigid as porcelain tiles but they are strong enough to withstand pet problems like scratches. These ceramics are termed lavish ceramics because they use a glaze type of finishing.

Natural stone

If the pet in the house is a dog then the natural stone type of floor ties are said to be the best pick. Here, the catch is that these types of natural stones have their kind of hardness thus delivering the purpose of being resistant to scratch. In terms of the hardest times of all then granite tiles are the right pick.

Porcelain tile

These types of tiles are maneuvered from the porcelain type of clays where several dust-pressed methods were used. Some of the best features of using these kinds of tiles are that they are frost resistant, fine-grained, and dense smooth. These kinds of tiles are said to be the hardest flooring materials that can be widely used for both commercial as well as residential purposes.


Thus, it can be said when it comes to flooring, there are numerous facts that we must consider if we have a pet in our home. Out of all these tiles, two of such that can be labeled as outstanding are the elain or the ceramic. These are all the suggestions that you can consider before finalizing your floor type. Apart from additional benefits, all the tiles mentioned here carry one common factor that is they are extremely resistant to the scratches that pets often like to do.