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Polished Porcelain Tiles – Why So Popular

11 February 2021
Polished Porcelain Tiles – Why So Popular

Indeed, polished porcelain tiles have gained huge popularity either of flooring and wall coverings. Polished porcelain tile is known for its glossy surface as a result of glazing and polishing results. Despite their gorgeous look, porcelain tiles grow in popularity as it offers extensive advantages for homeowners compared to concrete and ceramic tiles.

There are actually more reasons why Polished Porcelain Tiles became so popular today.

These include:

Polished porcelain tiles Heavy-Wearing 

Polished porcelain tiles come with high durability, resistance to wear and tear, and PEI rating at a minimum of five based on the material used. These tiles can take heavy impacts without getting damaged and work perfectly either for residential or commercial buildings regardless of the environment. When building or renovating homes, polished porcelain tiles could be a lifetime investment.

Resistance to Liquids

Porcelain tile floors are generally resistant to liquid penetration much better than ceramic tiles. The glazing process gives porcelain tiles a protective layer that makes them waterproof and liquid-proof. The glazed surface makes it less porous than the ceramic tiles are. Since the liquid can penetrate the tile, the exposure won’t make porcelain tiles swollen or damaged in any way. The use of cleaning liquids would be no problem either.

Is Polished porcelain tiles fireproof ?

Despite being waterproof, porcelain tiles can stand extreme heat the way there made. The materials won’t burn even if directly exposed to the flame. Unlike wooden floors, porcelain tiles won’t transmit or develop flames when the fire happens. The tiles may prevent the fire from breaking out further and buy time for fire extinguishers to reach your place.

Is Polished porcelain tiles resistance to stain ?

While wooden flooring or rugs have serious problems with stain, its not actually an issue for porcelain tiles. Spills of liquids like juice, wines, or colored beverages can make the floor stained with stubborn spots. Polished porcelain tiles refer to the tile with extremely dense pores. With an impenetrable surface, any spill wont leave marks after simple mopping or wet rubbing. This way, you can install polished porcelain tiles in the kitchen, dining rooms, or any area in your home or commercial building.

Simple and Quick Maintenance

Porcelain tiles require no special maintenance at all. With less porous surfaces, porcelain tiles keep dirt and stains on the top that makes them easier to clean. Basically, a mixture of warm water and mild soap/detergent would do a great job to clean up the glossy surface. No need to buy expensive cleaning liquids or oil as you only need a simple mixture or generic tile cleaner with aromatherapy of your favorite to keep porcelain tiles at their best appearance.

Resistance to Scratches

The glazed layer added to porcelain tiles protects the surface from recurring scratches. This way, polished porcelain tiles can handle the highest traffic area in your home with no problem. They wont be scuffed so easily like ceramics or solid wood planks. That’s why even if there used in the kitchen or bathroom, porcelain tiles would remain the same over years. Its a lifetime investment loved by most modern people for their homes.

Unlimited Styles to Choose from

Whether its wood, marble, granite, limestone, or slate look, you always find the porcelain tile version. Manufacturers can replicate patterns, ornaments, colors, and the overall look of those materials. Any materials or appearance you want to achieve for your tiling you always find your answers with porcelain tiles. In fact, manufacturers keep developing new porcelain tiles that extend the catalog by year. Customization and personalization are more possible to accommodate with porcelain tiles.

A Lifetime Flooring Investment

Unlike laminated wood or solid wood flooring, you not likely require replacement with porcelain tiles anytime soon. You did not deal with rotting, swelling, or weathering conditions with porcelain tiles. No matter how the environment and weather conditions are, porcelain tiles would always work well for flooring and wall covering. The waterproof feature allows porcelain tiles to be installed in the wettest area in your home without any problem like the bathroom, laundry room, swimming pools, even the outdoor patio.

Hygienic and Healthy Flooring Options

Porcelain tiles have become a popular flooring solution as modern people have a high concern for hygiene and a healthy environment. Whether its for interior or exterior, polished porcelain tiles are very easy to clean from stains as well as bacteria and viruses. People wont hesitate to mop porcelain tiles on a more regular basis as its easy and takes less time than cleaning a wooden floor. This way, they can maintain a healthy and healthy environment in their home all the time.

Affordable Price

With growing demand and more manufacturers producing polished porcelain tiles, the market becomes more competitive throughout the years that bring the cost down. Today, porcelain tiling is the cheapest tiling solution for new home builds or renovations. Of course, porcelain tiles also come in diverse qualities but the price range is wider that makes all homeowners get the tiling solutions on their budget.