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Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

06 March 2021
Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

The world of design and architecture is ever-evolving and modern design themes call for modern materials. While the mainstays like wood and natural stone are versatile and come in lots of distinctive looks, nothing beats the cool and contemporary look of concrete. The advent of technology today is surging through every dimension of technology, and no doubt it is revolutionizing the building material sector. Unleashing the raw beauty of industrial style that “once rested” in factories to today’s contemporary spaces and make them excel with raw elegance. This distinct trend has influenced the ceramic world, making way for new Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles.

Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles Flooring

The rapidly growing field of innovation and technology hasn’t left the ceramic sector untouched, and thanks to this advancement due to which today, it has become possible to emulate almost any kind of natural look. Thanks to modern design techniques, not only it is possible to create a minimalistic design but also add precision to the timeless feel of every piece. Each piece of porcelain tile reflects individuality and beauty, right down to the subtle differences in tone, texture, and grain which makes them seem as if given shape by bare artisan hands.

Best for a minimalistic color scheme, with composite wooden flooring, cabinetry, and painted finishes, these concrete look tiles come in various hues of grays that alleviate what might otherwise be cold interiors, interrupting the greyscale and animating the area. Their style espouses an unequivocally urban style with never-seen-before tranquility. A simplistic style merged with unique textures and designs adds personality and character to the area of application.

Offers understated elegance with a cold-gray palette and flattering finishes. These modern-day tiles look similar to poured concrete but have the easy care and durability of porcelain tiles. Along with adding impactful visions with their impeccable surface and their essence of urban sophistication, concrete look porcelain tiles simultaneously blend with surroundings and also stand out as the focal piece, inspiring and stimulating the will to live a lavish lifestyle!

Lavish’s concrete-look tiles blend seamlessly with contemporary spaces displaying the exceptional use of technique, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetic research which is evident of our “crafted uniquely” ideology. The wide assortment of sizes exalt the unique graphic and structural features and make it possible to create a cohesive look on floors and walls.

Lavish collection in Concrete effect Stoneware with an urban Touch

We owe an extensive concrete look collection that will suffice all architects and interior designers, thanks to our high-tech digital printing machines, we can manifest almost every kind of look. Our sole objective is to obtain a product that would emulate natural surfaces.

Our concrete look collections comes with various finishes as below

MATT : Matt finish is a flat surface. This is most popular finish in the world as this has for those who love the simplicity of concrete effect, will select matt finish.

Aleut, Craft, Cosmic, Orion are some of popular collection LAVISH has in Concrete look matt finish.


MATT WITH STRUCTURE TILES: This tile surface has a structure(mold) that is made by the press, and then printing is done on this structured tile. This tile has uneven surface designs with concrete look graphics on it. Some of natural stone look designs are very popular with this kind of finish as many stone look surface are uneven.

Marina, Onida, Runa, Ranzo are collection of Concrete look Matt with structure.


The ROCKER TILES : ROCKER MATT FINISH TILES are manufactured with a new technology that creates structure digitally in the way we want. The structure is defined at the designing level. If a customer seeks a particular type of veins or lines on the design with structure, it is defined during the designing level. When Digital machines process this file, it will come to know that few lines have to be printed with structure. These lines or veins of graphics can be made shiny or matt. Rocker finish collections are very trendy nowadays.

Morella, Flakes, Ash ford, Dosimo are some good collection of LAVISH Concrete look rocker finish.


Next in line is HONED TILES (Soft matt): During the finishing process Honed tiles, the surface is buffed to a satin-like feel which is supremely smooth and velvety to the touch. The color of a honed tile may appear slightly richer than the same tile in a natural surface, but less so than the Polished one! With a water absorption coefficient of 0.2%-according to international standards- these concrete look glazed porcelain tiles boast outstanding technical properties and are made from a blend of clays and feldspars baked at extremely high temperatures (approximately 1250° C). This collection holds remarkable resistance and durability stresses that are imposed upon tiles externally or due to poor quality adhesives or individual self-weight (size ).

Durability and resistance to knocks and stresses are just some of the advantages of choosing a porcelain stoneware floor. It can also reproduce the styling features of other materials, such as in the case of the concrete-look porcelain stoneware.


Porcelain tiles that look like Natural Concrete

Thanks to Lavish’s ability to incorporate natural textures and subtle colors into the porcelain tiles, we can churn out concrete-look tiles that blend seamlessly with minimalist settings. Versatile combinations of this collection with beauty and man-made durability are unmatched when used both indoors and outdoors. No doubt, these tiles are versatile materials that offer endless possibilities for customization and can be molded into countless shapes with a sophisticated or rough finish. To testify to their unmatched quality, LAVISH ceramic products are guaranteed according to UNI EN 14411 – ISO 13006 standards.

Porcelain Tiles that look like Tumbled Stone

This type of glazed porcelain tiles takes on various appearances depending on the material being replicated. In the case it looks like tumbled stone, the tiles emulate the charming style of antique-look floor tiles with pebbles portraying round and irregular edges. Versatile and elegant products suitable for use as indoor and outdoor floors and wall tiles that yield beautiful natural interpretations.

Concrete look Porcelain tiles Slabs (large sizes)

These large-size porcelain slabs can be used in both domestic and commercial designs. The finish, which is a convergence of technique, superior technology, and exceptional styling is available in dimensions: 120—278, 120—240, 120—120, and 75—150 cm.

The larger sizes with better structural features of porcelain stoneware give designers and architects free rein to let their creativity loose. Specifically, the 120—278 size is the designers’ favorite for large-size walls and floors, allowing a notable reduction in joints. Available in 9 mm thick version as well as in the 6 mm version.

Concrete look Porcelain Tiles: styles and patterns

Be it commercial settings or a residential one, lavish’s myriad of concrete look porcelain tiles flaunts its exceptional ability to craft unique products that give expansive, modern, and influencing spaces. Our concrete looks glazed porcelain collection is based on an in-depth study of cementitious materials to cultivate the non-industrial origin of concrete, subtle color differences to allow more designing freedom, trowel patterns, and clouding. The Velvety finish on the other hand makes it possible to customize sophisticated settings with a modern character.

So, start giving form to your imagination with the sleek and sophisticated look of concrete, with the ease of care of porcelain. These multiple format tiles are sleek, minimalistic, and ideal for a wide array of design projects including floors, accent walls, backsplashes, and countertops.