Fan of Metro Tile Designs? Exciting Ways to Use Metro Tile in your Home

Fan of Metro Tile Designs? Exciting Ways to Use Metro Tile in your Home

25 October 2021
Fan of Metro Tile Designs? Exciting Ways to Use Metro Tile in your Home

It goes without saying that METRO TILES are stealing hearts across continents. The minute we pass by, it instantly catches the eye. The legacy of these beauties isn’t short; SUBWAY TILES have come a long way, right from reinforcing old busy subway station walls to creating the modern signature walls of today! This blog is nothing but our effort to pull together a rough guide about using these beauties in your homes or commercial projects. We have accumulated everything that might cross your mind while pondering about METRO TILES, from choosing the perfect METRO TILE DESIGN to selecting the right METRO TILE MANUFACTURER!

Why Metro tile designs are amazing?

Before we dive right into the topic, let’s first understand the legacy of METRO TILES. As a fresh leap ahead in city travel, global designers developed unique underground subway realms in the advent of the twentieth century. The walls of these novel subway stations were wrapped in a material other than conventional square tile. Rectangle tiles of unique 3′′ x 6′′ size, along with some of the mosaics, were used in the very first New York subway station in 1904, and this style has been replicated all over the world – from London’s Metro stations to underground train stations all over the world.

However, this was not it! METRO TILES which were created out of necessity at first slowly became a fashion statement and made their way to modern homes. The Reason? These tiles are highly reliable, People love their looks, and they’re also easy to use & clean. METRO TILES are ideal as Floor and wall covers, they add a lot of visual interest while enhancing the overall appearance of any setting!

While they’re a popular choice for meeting the aesthetic requirements of a wide range of schemes, their incredibly versatile nature makes them the best choice for kitchens & bathrooms. Whether you’re looking for a timeless contemporary design or seeking to complement a vintage setting, METRO TILES will unfailingly adorn any theme!

Metro tile Ideas for Kitchen

As the saying goes “Life may be created in the bedroom, but it’s lived in the kitchen”! The heart of every home, “The kitchen” is the spot where meals are created, where important discussions are held, and where loved ones gather to have some fun after a hectic day! Owing to the constant footfall and occupation of this part of the home, using tiles that are stylish, versatile, and easy to clean becomes very significant! It should be no surprise that METRO TILE DESIGNS continue to be a popular & one of the most sought-after options for KITCHEN DESIGNS. From contemporary to traditional to minimalistic kitchens, or anything in between, METRO TILES come in endless options to suit your style! Moreover, a wide range of colors and finishes offer something for every design scheme. Also, you can always unleash your creativity by using different laying patterns and grout colors. Depending on your tile preference, you can choose between MATT or GLOSS, FLAT or BEVELLED, BRICK PATTERN or HERRINGBONE STRUCTURE, CHEVRON FORMATION, or any other style for that matter!

metro tile design

Consider a beveled METRO TILE DESIGN in a softer or more neutral color pallet, such as white, vanilla, dark gray, or even a bluish-green or midnight blue, for a classic look in your kitchen. These exquisite tile colors offer a vintage feel when set in brickwork or masonry layout while creating a comfortable, almost a wistful nostalgic ambiance that you would love it!

In the same way, use a non-beveled edge with a glossy bold color for more contemporary settings, or keep the look classy with a block pattern of black and white. METRO TILES are the perfect the backdrop to your style when paired with sleek cabinets and the trendy polished chrome equipment.

Fans of the industrial style may choose to use METTALIC METRO TILES with a chrome finish to create the ideal urban kitchen. If you love a more vintage look, WHITE METRO TILES with black grout will add a touch of Imperial elegance. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your kitchen, you can couple your lighting options with DARK TONED METRO TILES to stir up something smart and attractive. 

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Metro Tile Ideas For Bathrooms

The popularity of METRO TILES is not limited to the kitchen only, their versatility nature, multiple finishes, endless colors and beautiful installing options have cleared their way to modern bathrooms!

A bathroom is an ideal spot to use METRO TILES creatively, whether you choose a strong color scheme or a relaxing, neutral setting. For BATHROOMS particularly we suggest you use them vertically for some visual height, which can make a major difference in this small area. By choosing a vivid color against dazzling WHITE METRO TILES and allowing it to run throughout the length of the wall and onto the floor, you can create a unique effect. Or, by clubbing a PLAIN METRO TILE with a big statement floor, you can highlight an eclectic design that adds extra appeal to what would otherwise be considered a simple functional space. 

On pairing them with a standalone tub, you can achieve a unique style in this space that’s otherwise believed to be too tiny to make a statement. You can install a TEXTURED METRO TILE in a light tone for a saloon effect. Or, to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere, you can simply add fresh white towels and natural accents. Also, you should consider installing METRO TILES in a herringbone pattern for a classy touch that transforms a low-cost alternative into one that seems significantly more opulent!

In terms of colors, white remains popular, yet METRO TILE DESIGNS are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to create anything from a monochromatic design to a bold splash of color for a more poppy look! GREY METRO TILES can be used to provide a classy background to almost any style. Of course, the classic soft beige metro is still popular, but as stated above, you can always be creative when it comes to METRO TILES. So, try mixing creams and browns for a sophisticated spin!

Grouts play an important role in deciding the aesthetics of METRO TILE DESIGNS! From conventional white grout to colored grout, you can use many fillings to create a truly distinct and creative bathroom. If you’re looking for something glamorous, consider using glittery grout, or use darker grouts in black and grays to really make the design scream!

Hopefully, this article has conveyed everything you need to know about

using METRO TILES in your homes, particularly the kitchens & bathrooms. Feel free to check out other LAVISH BLOGS for more helpful and fascinating information about different tiles, and if you have any more queries, please reach us out, we will be more than happy to assist you!