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Top 10 Kitchen Tiles Trends in India 2022

19 April 2022
Top 10 Kitchen Tiles Trends in India 2022

Although there are many rooms in a house, each room should be given equal importance. when it comes to its interior design kitchen must be given special attention. The kitchen room is as important as any other room in the entire house. Therefore, decorating it is essential because not only it will serve the purpose of a beautiful view but also it will shield it from any potential mishappening. Since every home is different, every family has its wants and needs. Interior designers need to understand this concept and implement the same. When it comes to maintaining equilibrium between style, function, and comfort, it is important to choose the right kitchen tiles.

Unlike in earlier times, a kitchen is not all about food. Rather it’s also not just about gathering and then dining. In the current times, kitchen space is designed so that it can meet many needs. For instance, space for homeschool, work station, zoom background for official and professional meetings, or sometimes even virtual happy hours. When it comes to a modern kitchen, it is not only centered on considerate chosen colors, appealing décor looks.

Latest Kitchen Tiles Trends in India 

We have managed to jot down a few of the kitchen tiles that are quite popular and discussed them below. With these top ten kitchen tiles, you can pick your own choice that matches right your room’s aesthetic and vibe:

#1 Vintage chequered floor

It’s vital to bring out the classic neutral style in the kitchen room. The right choice to do this is to pick up the black and white checkerboard floor vinyl tiles. This type of tiles flooring radiates the retro vibe on an overall basis. Therefore, along with this flooring, an all-white kitchen along with matching white cabinets and appliances. Thus, it provides the kitchen with the right amount of joyful vibe that is neat and bright.

#2 Wooden finish kitchen tiles

These kinds of tiles are very popular and are the right choice for creating an impression of an aesthetic timeless look. This kind of tile usually looks like the one with natural wood flooring and not like the typical rectangle. To indulge some variation in the tiles, different shapes can also be used.

#3 Basic white kitchen tiles

If you want to give something of a minimalist and sophisticated view to your kitchen floor then the basic white kitchen tiles have to be your best pick. Thus, to impart an aesthetic kitchen design, these very basic white kitchen files can help to serve the same.

#4 Dark or black kitchen tiles

For creating a contemporary design style, anything dark or black color kitchen tiles will do the job. These black tiles will give an overall neat backdrop for the entire kitchen setting. In terms of variation, one can choose either a matte finish or a high gloss. Therefore, if you are trying to provide an aesthetic approach to your kitchen floor. These very dark or black kitchen tiles have to be your best pick.

#5 Natural stone kitchen tiles

To complement the kitchen design, natural stone can be the right combination for the kitchen floor. The kitchen flooring comes with very timid light beige cabinetry along with associated overhead lighting. In a nutshell, this kitchen theme will give out a soft vibe. It will prevent the vibe from going overboard.

#6 Cement kitchen tiles

In case you don’t have a big budget and at the same time you want to create a neutral yet ravishing backdrop then these cement kitchen tiles are the perfect choice for you. This will turn the overall theme from conventional to modern along with an aesthetic aura. This can be your perfect pick because the visible cement texture will look appealing to the eyes.

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#7 Stained kitchen tiles

If you have jotted down your priority list for perfect kitchen tiles and ‘convenience’ tops the chart then you should always go for stained kitchen files. One of the best things about choosing this pick is that it will be too easy to clean the entire kitchen room thereby creating a coastal kitchen.

#8 Mixed width kitchen floor tiles

In this current generation, wood-looking tiles are considered the most popular pick for design. These specific kitchen flooring tiles are termed very creative. The prime reason behind this is they will create a sense of illusion. They do it while making sure that the right amount of drama is added to the kitchen theme.

#9 Kitchen tiles floor design

This type of flooring design is termed as one of many variations of the checkerboard style and is termed as the famous design of current times where people are indulging this theme in their new kitchen room. Under this kitchen tiles floor design, the common kitchen pattern is a 2X2 diamond accent in every corner.

#10 Victorian kitchen tiles

It’s a kind of vintage pattern that is especially tiled in Victorian aesthetic for the kitchen floor only. It has been witnessed that it sits right in the white cupboards of the kitchen. These specific types of kitchen floors are termed to be versatile and thus can be customized. One of the best things about these tiles is that they are scratch-resistant and can last long enough.

A little experiment with kitchen tiles hurts no one, so from the wide variety of choices of exotic or unmatched appeal, one can choose anything that seems appealing to the eyes and meet the demanded expectations. In terms of some variations, namely there are functional, minimal, comfortable, and timeless.

The kitchen trends keep on evolving and there are new titles that are introduced into the kitchen industry regularly. It happens because the trend that was trending last year might have become outdated now. But currently, this happens because of the revolutionary technology and of course the modifications in the taste of people. Thus, irrespective of whether or not you are on a hunt for some realistic and sophisticated kitchen tiles or a new kitchen, these above are top kitchen tiles ideas that you can use in your kitchen.