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How to Choose Laundry Room Tile? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

17 December 2022
How to Choose Laundry Room Tile? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

When it comes to laundry, not many people get excited. Behind this, one of many reasons is the dull laundry rooms. About the laundry room, mainly they are located in a plain basement with cement floors and if not that then in a kind of closet in an individual’s home with hardly any space to stand. Therefore, if you want to change the demographic of your laundry room then worry no more because we have got you covered on this. With the right laundry tile, you can spruce up the aura of your laundry room which will turn your dull laundry room into a laundry room that is not so dull.

Criteria for Laundry Room tile

In terms of choosing the laundry tile, you should go for the below-mentioned options:-


Where there is laundry, there will be water and the more the water is, the more slippery the area in the laundry room will be. This is why it will be the wisest decision to pick an anti-slippery laundry tile. With the help of lavish ceramic tiles, one can easily be able to get those laundry tiles that come with an anti-slippery feature. Thus, laundry tiles that come with an anti-slippery feature should be one of the priorities in the option.

Water resistance

As inevitable as it is, in a laundry room there will be regular cases of water and liquid accidents. Some of the incidents that can result in spilling water are splashes from the sink, washing machine leakage, detergents spilling, and possible drips from the hang-drying clothing. This is when the laundry room tiles come to play as with tiles that have the waterproof feature there will be likely fewer cases of being slipped and meeting with an unfortunate accident.


Of course, the laundry baskets are full of all kinds of dirt like rags, socks, and whatnot. This in turn creates an unhygienic laundry environment. To tackle this problem, PGVT Tiles of ceramic will help in keeping the area clean by preventing any kind of unwanted growth of mold, bacteria, and other bacteria. Therefore, choosing Ceramic tiles for a laundry room to get rid of bacteria becomes essential.

Resistant to stain and scratch

This criterion is as crucial as any other criteria that are mentioned here. This is because in a laundry room often dirt and sometimes even grit accumulate in an area. When ceramic tiles are used, they will not stain, scuff or scratch irrespective of whether or not an individual is putting a heavy load on your washing machine and dryer. This opting for ceramic tiles for the bathroom has to be one of the idealists one can ever make while planning the makeover of the laundry room.

Resistant to fading

There are chances that the urge of keeping the laundry room by using detergents and cleaners comes with a high chance of the tiles fading over time. But, with ceramic tiles, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because these types of tiles will not fade over time thus ensuring that they will work in the long run. This forms yet another reason for buying ceramic tiles for keeping a durable and clean and shiny laundry room.

Easy to clean

Logically, a laundry room is meant to serve the purpose is to simplify the whole procedure of cleaning and not adding extra baggage to clean the whole of the laundry room because that simply would not make any sense. With ceramic tiles for the laundry room, one need not worry about this anymore as all it demands cleaning is wiping with water and that’s all.


Variation in Laundry tiles

A few of the below-mentioned steps are considered to be the ideal tips when it comes to picking the right laundry room tiles:-

Wallpaper and tile

When it comes to implementing laundry tiles in a comparatively limited space, the power that texture hold is commendable. Here, one can always give a shot to wall treatments. For example, you can use wallpaper and then head off to pair it with a certain bold pattern. You must always remember that if you have some kind of tile and wallpaper collaboration in your mind then you must not step back from implementing them as they can give very appealing looks when you are done with your implementation process.

Keeping warm feet

If one is wondering that the laundry room can never be cozy then it is wrong. This is because you can make it cozy if you have the right sense of theme in your mind. For ideas what you can do is you can cover the floors with some sort of small area rugs in winter so that you don’t come into as much contact with water as you would on normal days.

The art of mix and match

Although there is a misconception with mixed matches, things get blundered up but with the right creativity and sense of art, it can result in something unique and attractive. So try shaking up your style. For instance, you can head off buying terrazzo-looking hexagon floor tile and then follow up by pairing it with a subtle subway wall tile. If not that you can also go for a big format floor tile and mix and match it with an attractive penny round backsplash tile. If not even that, then you can always go for anything else that you have in your mind and think will look good in your laundry room.


With ceramics for your laundry room, not only you will enjoy doing your laundry but also you will be safe as it will protect you from slipping. Investing in ceramic tiles for the laundry room is a cost-effective approach since it will help in the long run. Thus, this is all the information that you need to stick to before finalizing a decision as to which laundry room tile you should pick.