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How to Create Retro Interior Design Living Room? – Lavish Ceramics

11 November 2022
How to Create Retro Interior Design Living Room? – Lavish Ceramics

In the world of interior design, the retro concept has been going around for a while. When anybody hears the name ‘retro’, many associates the theme with that of the 1950s and 1970s. Although several modern homes mainly want the latest theme for interior design many homes endorse retro themes. This is because they like to preserve the simplicity along with the richness of their home.

Undoubtedly living room is the peak center of attraction of the entire home. This is because the living room is where all of the people gather together to entertain themselves and spend them. So, keeping the space clean and presentable becomes more than necessary.

A tint of retro them to the living room

So, if you are someone who wants a retro design in your living room then you can seek the below-listed suggestions:-

Vintage furniture

As famous as it is, furniture from the retro era have a very unique look. The materials that are used for making that furniture are either wood or cane. In case of the sturdy and permanent furniture for example the tables, cupboards, or side tables, they are usually huge as they are composed of very sharp and detailed intricate designs. On the other hand, all the other movable furniture such as chairs is usually solid and comparatively lightweight as they have skinny legs. So, if you want to give your living room a very intricate retro theme then you must go for vintage furniture.

Wall paneling

In the past time, it was common to have wooden wall panels or even partitions. The purpose of designing them is to give out a simple yet premium look on an overall basis. If an individual wants the same for his home then he can go for it. One of the many benefits of incorporating the wall paneling is that it helps in giving a warm look to the home and in the meantime, it helps in maintaining the desired theme of retro.

Vintage-looking upholstery

For this section of the retro theme, the individual can for minimal carpets that have the black and white chequered pattern on them. After that, cushions with the same type of cover can also go a long way in giving a retro look. Now, in terms of the sofa, the one with velvet may be considered the best choice for bringing out the antique ancient look.

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Wall décor

When it comes to modern homes, they usually have photo frames on their homes in the form of wall décor. But in terms of retro theme, it varies somehow as in this situation the elements of wall décor mainly comprise of covering the wall with large paintings. Apart from this, some of the other antique wall décor items are known as posters of old celebrities or even movies and sometimes even songs.

Right lights

The lightning structure also varies to a great extent between the modern ones and the ones that were used in the old times. So, for picking up the retro theme lightning, it is a wise decision to go for the pendant lamps or the chandeliers that are appealing to the room thus ensuring that the whole space is widely lit up.


Floor tiles

For floor tiles for your vintage theme, you can choose some boho style. There are some of the best floor tiles available on many websites from which you can choose. So, make sure you choose the right floor tile for your home that vibes with your antique aura. Also, you can opt for lavish ceramics as they guarantee for sure durability and variations.

Unleash the 70’s theme

To unleash the 70’s theme in your living room what you can do is you can use bright colors with some minimal décor in your living room. To keep the consistency of the vintage theme, you might want to maintain simplicity. Some of the other elements of the 70’s era would include furniture of wooden, selective lamps, and candles.

Some mix and match

Although, a retro look is an ideal choice for the home a slight mix and match can also go a long way until and unless you are not overdoing it. You can select your favorite space in your home and do some creative experiments to bring out a collective theme of not only the 70’s era but also that of the 50s, 60s, 80s, and whatnot.

Application of creative pop art

In the time of 1960s as well as the 1970s, pop art was considered a huge movement. So, to apply your creativity, you can give a shot at very inexpensive frames and hang them on your wall. Apart from that, you can always add some neon posters as well as signs to create exemplary art on a dull wall.


In a nutshell, it can be said that the retro style helps in being connected with the past by creating the same theme around the home. The whole era of retro-style gives out a warm, classic, and convenient for them. To create a retro theme around the house, several textures, materials, and colors are used that are considered primary symbolism of those things used in the past.

Thus, you can never go wrong with giving a retro makeover to your living room. A retro style is that theme of interior designing that comes with multi old-fashioned elements. Although, the retro theme is something that is mainly associated with the old times’ many homes incorporate these themes in modern times as well and it suits just right as well. The thing about retro style is that they are more costly than the rest of the interior types and this is mainly because they are curated with very special materials as they are comparatively more expensive and hard to get. So, now that you have all the information about things to incorporate in your living room to give it a retro look, you are all set to implement the same.