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Beautify Your Bathroom with Elegant Tile designs

29 September 2021
Beautify Your Bathroom with Elegant Tile designs

Just like all the other environments, the ambiance of our bathrooms influences our mood in many ways. Apart from being the grooming spot, and shower spot, bathrooms are our private oasis of relaxation and refreshment. Every minute we spend in the bathroom is just priceless, whether we notice it or don’t! So, considering this it is very important that we have a bathroom design that not only works effectively but provides maximum comfort and pleasure. Besides, almost everyone that visits your home sees your bathroom, so it’s better to think it through!

Here, we have accumulated some high-end ideas for creating a genuinely luxurious bathroom that will facilitate functionality and beauty. From selecting immaculate BATHROOM FLOOR TILE to choosing show-stopping BATHROOM WALL TILES to using tantalizing bathtubs and luxurious props, this article has got almost all the answers to your burning questions. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it! 


While some of us view mirrors as a fixture that exists only to be functional, we know that apart from being a practical fixture it is also a stylish prop that adorns the bathroom. The ability of your mirror to reveal its tremendous styling potential can be unfolded by using modern technology as demisters and ambient lighting. Also, mirrors can give the illusion of your bathroom being more airy and spacious than it is actually. By using beautiful large mirrors, you can eradicate unfavorable shadows and enhance the overall look of the bathroom. Moreover, depending upon the design and color of your BATHROOM TILE, the mirror’s reflected light bounces around beautifully, giving a dazzling shine that illuminates the bathroom.


Sure, beautiful cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures are important elements of a BATHROOM DESIGN, but you must know that it’s the lighting that truly sets the mood! The possibilities are endless, ranging from modest and recessed to over-the-top spectacular pieces. When it comes to the price of lighting, there are costly high-end options and also some reasonably priced lighting options available in the market. There are numerous possibilities to adorn your bathroom with lighting; you can replace the standard fixture with a chandelier over the tub or vanity, or spotlight a specific decor element to uplift the aesthetics of your bathroom.  


Whether you want to create a sense of modest luxury, vintage elegance, or a bold and edgy statement, BRASS FIXTURES complement the BATHROOM WALL TILE & FLOOR TILE, sanitary ware, and even the lighting. Brass is an excellent choice for bathroom fixtures since they last a long time and exude genuine opulence. They’re also unlikely to rust or leak. As a result, forged brass bathroom faucets & props are frequently worth the extra money.


Bathroom Tile designs

To make your BATHROOM DESIGN lively, you can add some exquisite plants to your design. It not only renders a fresh look but also stirs up a spa-like ambiance. You may not spend more time in the bathroom as you do in the living room or kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull and uninspiring. You can use succulents and other potted plants that are not only easy to care for, but also add to the aesthetic appeal of any environment.


If you have a spacious bathroom, it is advisable to add sitting furniture- stunning chairs, stools, and armchairs- something on which you can sit and relax! However, if your bathroom is smaller, adding extra furniture can clutter the space and make it look cramped. But, if you have a spacious bathroom, by creating contrasts with BATHROOM TILES and other props, you can summon a luxurious feeling in your setting. For instance, you can use LAVISH STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES to create flawless combinations with recliners and upholstered chairs!


Trays are commonly thought of as serving tools. However, they can be used as ornamental elements in any part of the house, including the bathroom. Placing goods on a tray helps to make your countertop look neater, more organized, and add up to the aesthetics of your bathroom.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

You rush through the door, ready to reach for your toothbrush by the sink, but hold your horses! Your partner is already at the sink, and in action! So, adding a second sink to your bathroom might be the answer to such problems that apart from increasing functionality also elevates the design aspect.


Your creativity tells a lot about your personality! One of the best spots to unleash your creativity is the BATHROOM COUNTER! By using the counter and BATHROOM WALL TILES as the backdrop you can place beautiful showpieces in its contrasts to enhance the design. For example, you can add some fresh flowers, decorate your space with chic trays, or even add a photo frame to remind you of the beautiful life you have!


Tiles play an important role in deciding the look and feel of your bathroom. To create trendy BATHROOM DESIGNS, use both BATHROOM WALL TILES & FLOOR TILES; whether you desire an ambiance that is warm and welcoming or something fresh and extraordinary, choosing the right tiles is the answer! For brightening up the bathroom walls, you can choose glossy finishes that are reflective, and an anti-slipping matt surface for the floor to create contrast. Believe us, it doesn’t matter if your bathroom is big or small; the tiles in the bathroom will surely make a statement. To explore your options for bathrooms, you can check out floor tiles and wall tiles collections at LAVISH.


When the thought arises of elevating the functionality of bathrooms while also keeping the functionality intact, using open shelves can truly be helpful. By strategically placing the cupboards, drawers, and other furniture you can keep your things well organized to find them easily again, of course without interrupting the overall design! From recessed open shelves to floating shelves, there are various options that you can choose as per your taste!

The urge to create luxurious bathrooms has been increasing rapidly owing to the convenience and appeal that they offer. Also, the easy availability of numerous enhancing elements has facilitated unrestrained creative expression, making designs fun for designers, architects, and homeowners alike! So, start putting your BATHROOM IDEAS together and keep coming back to this 10 step guide, in case you face a block! Hope this blog was helpful!