Tiles to make you r living room more attractive

How to make your living room more attractive!

17 June 2021
How to make your living room more attractive!

A Living Room is an entrance to the entire kingdom behind it. And the entrance needs to be magnificent and beautiful, isn’t it? The Living Room is the most walked upon the floor by everyone in the house and is the temple for the guests arriving to visit you. It is the first focal point of attention Tiles are the building blocks of the entire theme of your Living Room. They are a reflection of your personality and they are a stylish way to add a theme to the room.

So the question to ask before starting the decor of the Living Room is to decide the theme for it. Whether you want it to have a contemporary theme or Asian or Rustic or maybe Scandinavian, you need to plan for it. Colours influence eyes and emotions. Every colour gives certain energy and has an effect on our moods. So, the type of tiles used in decor combined with the proper colour theory for the theme of the room is like a cherry on the cake combination. A dark wood tile decor would give a completely different vibe than light, coloured tiles with a contemporary feel. A monochromatic theme with a contrasting coloured sofa set will give focussed attention to the sofa -set.

The wall tiles are a beautiful element to set a statement than the normal painted walls. They can essentially change the overall look of the wall decorative and enhance the Living Room theme. The contrast between both these elements can bring out a perfect harmony of the room.

What Lavish tiles to choose for Living Room Decor?

Lavish caters to a wide variety of WALL TILES as well as FLOOR TILES.

From wood-look to ceramic-look, to the glazed one. Make a stylish statement by mixing up different textured tiles altogether to create the perfect look for your Living Room.

LAVISH CERAMIC WALL tiles come in MATT, SUGAR and GLOSSY finish along with a wide variety of colours.

LAVISH FLOOR TILES comprise Glazed Porcelain Tiles, Double Charge Tiles, Wooden Tiles, Soluble Salt Tiles and Outdoor Tiles are further segmented into different finish types such as polished, matt, sugar, rocker, matt with structure, lapato & high gloss.