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Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

18 May 2021
Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

If you are looking to create an elegant and eye-catching outdoor area that complements many styles of interior or exterior design, and that too with the added technical advantage of Porcelain Tiles, then 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles are the perfect products for you. These outdoor tiles are one of the most worthy outdoor flooring options available today; not only solid and durable but also classy and sophisticated. They are easy to maintain and clean, and they come in a wide range of colors and designs that will easily fit in with your home’s décor.

2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles has the remarkable quality of integrating all of the aesthetic and technical benefits of indoor porcelain floors into your outdoor landscape. So,  If you’re considering an outside project any sooner-be it a small residential patio or driveway, to a massive public walkway- take a second to rethink your options and give this innovative architectural product a try!


To understand more about 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles, let’s take a closer look at some of the questions that might arise in your mind before considering them:-

What are 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

2cm Outdoor porcelain tiles, also known as 2cm porcelain pavers or 20mm thick porcelain tiles are made especially for outdoors, and as the name clearly suggests, they are 2CM or 20 MM thick, they are waterproof, have high tensile strength, high breaking strength is resistant to loads and stresses, and do not give away under heavy loads. Unharmed by the effects of weathering, these tiles remain intact aesthetically and physically under harsh conditions and are unaffected by time. Moreover, 2cm Outdoor porcelain tiles are easy to install and require no regular maintenance (sealing or cleaning) unlike their traditional counterparts.

Why choose 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Outdoors?

Today, Porcelain Tiles and stoneware’s little to no introduction due to their extreme popularity in the building material, architectural, and design sectors. Incredibly durable, remarkably versatile, and pretty much infinite when it comes to design effects, patterns, and aesthetics. Besides, modern technology has cleared the way to bring these indoor décor staples to the outdoors and evoke the same moods outside. Not limited to certain design styles like the traditional concrete and stone pavers, 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles open an endless supply of inspiration for your outdoor canvas.

Below are some points that make These tiles stand out in their niche:-

Versatile In Every Way

Conventional porcelain tiles range from 7-12mm in thickness and a lot of their breaking strength is derived from being bedded on strong mediums like a “screed”, which is a preferred medium for laying tiles. However, the thick formation of the 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles gives them an exclusive advantage of installation on grass (Japanese pathways), gravel, sand, and raised systems. In addition, they can also be installed in the traditional manner-particularly where access to electric cables or waterproofing conduits is required- by using adhesives and are therefore suitable for any requirement.

Residential & Commercial Projects

Excessive thickness instilled with the technical performance of Porcelain gives 2CM OUTDOOR PORCELAIN TILES the ability to be used in a variety of applications where heavy traffic, weathering, and other factors like chemical spills, loads, and stresses(like facilitating large vehicles) are to be dealt with.

Ideal for balconies, terraces, garden walkways, pool surrounds, driveways and parking, these give exceptional aesthetic effects, and high functionality.

Easy Maintenance & Durability

As opposed to traditional concrete and stone floorings, 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles don’t require any special care like sealing. Also, exposure to chemicals, heat, stains, or heavy impacts doesn’t affect these tiles. Install them and forget, time will pass and you will see no signs of wear, tear, breakage or fading!

Easily Transferable

If you have dry-laid your 2CM porcelain tiles, you can always uplift your tiles, transfer your tiles and rearrange them temporarily as you seek. This gives you the advantage to inspect or repair conduits or other systems without breaking or wrecking the floors.

Indoor -Outdoor Continuity

It is possible to achieve that sophisticated cohesive design you’re dreaming of with the 2CM porcelain tiles as there are manufacturers who offer the same design for traditional indoor tile and the 2CM variant to help you get continuity and a seamless flow in your flooring project. Also, for some designs where such a combo isn’t available, you always have endless inspiration of designs to choose from!

Laying Techniques

As mentioned earlier, 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles can be laid virtually in any kind of settings; with dry-laying method or adhesive or screed; on grass, gravel, sand, or raised systems.

Laying On Grass

2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles can be laid directly on the grass, each tile should be laid flat with no gaps underneath it and slightly lower than the surface of the lawn. The ideal installation procedure would include the following steps: trowel, 4-8mm fine gravel, soft mallet hammer.

How To Lay?

  • Arrange the slabs in the desired position
  • Dig around the slab with a spade, remover the paver, dig up to 5 cm.
  • The level that area, add some gravel to smoothen the base
  • place the tile

Laying On Gravel

If water permeability must be retained in your project and slab- installation cannot be carried out, dry laying onto gravel or sand is an excellent option. The pavement can be achieved easily with 2CM  porcelain tiles, and the surface ensuing can be put into service instantly.


  • Level the layer of gravel with care.
  • Place the slabs into position.
  • Use spacers to ensure even grout spacings between slabs

Laying Of 2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles On Adhesives

The notably thick structure of the 2CM Outdoor porcelain tiles, makes them an ideal option for areas where heavy vehicles transit. Adhesives are to be compulsorily used and the grouts must be filled with cement-based adhesive too! This method is the best solution for driveways, car parks, garage ramps, swimming pool surrounds.

2CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles For Raised Floors

If you live in a setting where there’s an occasional need to inspect other systems such as electrical wirings, conduits, or plumbing, the raised installation is a perfect choice. This is purely “dry-laying” as there’s no need to fill grouts or apply adhesives and the resulting floor can be used almost immediately.

How To Lay?

  • Place the 2CM OUTDOOR PORCELAIN TILE on top of the supports fitted earlier
  • Check surface leveling

For more information on tiles; the available designs, colors, and textures in this category you ought to check out the Lavish collection.

2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
2CM outdoor porcelain tiles
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