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The Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles in Home Renovation and Decoration

06 February 2023
The Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles in Home Renovation and Decoration

Are you planning to give your home a stunning makeover? Ceramic tiles can be the best way to revamp the look of your house with style and stability! Read ahead to know why and how. 

Home renovation and decoration is a thoughtful step. You have to be critical of the elements you’re going to use for designing the layout of your place. Especially the ones you’ll be putting on floors and walls. As it majorly defines the appearance of the interiors. 

Because of technological advancements, the concept of interior decoration has changed over time. However, what has remained the same is the use of tiling. Tiles have been the conventional partner of every luxurious-looking wall or floor. With different tiling options available, ceramic tiles can be the beauty with brawn for your home. They are safe, strong, durable, and appealing. 

In this blog, we will let you know why ceramic tiles are an excellent deal for your house whether it be renovation or decoration.

Benefits of Ceramic Tiles in Home Renovation and Decoration

Below are the benefits of using ceramic tiles in home renovations and decorations; Do check them out!

Needs Low Maintenance

Maintaining the radiant appearance of tiles is always a struggle for the owners. Usually, tiles become black and dull over time due to exposure to dirt and water. However, maintenance of ceramic tiles will not be a pain in your back. Ceramics are easy to clean than other flooring options and rarely lose their glaze. Mopping them regularly with an ordinary cleanser or, on occasion, a strong cleanser will keep their original look intact for a more extended period. 

Strong and Long Lasting

Generally, tiles are looked up as vulnerable flooring materials. And in most cases, it stands true. A sudden hit of a formidable body can break tiles into two. However, ceramic tiles are built differently. The stiffness and strength of ceramics are among the highest of all known material classes. If you’re looking for something durable, then you need to go for ceramics because of their high rigidity rating. These tiles have a hard surface and are unaffected by moisture, strain, scratches, and cracks. 

Germs and Moulds-Free

It would not be wrong to say that ceramics have anti-microbial properties. However, the reason for their germs and mould-free nature is their rigid structure. Ceramic tiles are impenetrable due to their hard surface, which makes them resistant to water and moisture. As a result, bacteria and mould are less likely to grow on ceramic tiles, making them ideal for rooms where water is most used, like the kitchen and bathroom. They are also low-maintenance and thus, offer a clean, hygienic environment that is essential in a kitchen. 


Many hazardous chemicals are used while manufacturing building materials. This induces toxic environmental elements and increases exposure to alarming synthetic products. However, ceramics are all natural. They are composed of mud and are mostly free from artificial toxic substances. Also, ceramics are resistant to moisture and bacteria, thus ensuring zero compromises to human health. This characteristic makes ceramics the ideal choice for bathroom countertops, where cleanliness is a key priority, as well as for kitchen counters, where the safety of food handling and meal preparation is necessary.



The biggest fear that comes with tiling is its slippery nature. When a tiled floor is damp, the likelihood of slipping increases tremendously, raising the risk of unfortunate events. Though, ceramics are much safer than similar counter products. These mud tiles also come in a matte finish with anti-skid properties, for people who have an elderly person or small kids at home. Matte finish ceramic tiles are safe, and thus, won’t let you fall. Also, ceramics don’t leave unwanted stains on the surface, are as durable as a marble floor, and can save certain unexpected accidents from happening.

Water and Heat Resistant

Ceramics are resistant to water and heat. Not all surfaces can be exposed to moisture or temperature variation. Though, ceramics can withstand extremely high temperatures without experiencing any structural issues or deformation of the format. Their impenetrable structure makes them resistant to water and moisture. Interestingly, these tiles are produced at temperatures higher than 1000 degrees. As long as this characteristic is preserved, they can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them the perfect material for indoor and outdoor environments. Nevertheless, if you want an extra water-resistant layer on your floor tiles or walls, you can opt for PGVT Tiles


Floors are prone to scratches and stains. A slight push to your sofa or almirah can create a permanent score on your floor’s surface. However, by using ceramics as your flooring material, you can live without the fear of wear and tear for the long term. Ceramics have a strong and rigid formation that protects them from cuts, dents, or scratches. Moreover, the deterioration rate of these tiles is also slow, thus, preserving the aesthetics of your interiors for several years. 


Ceramics are versatile in all materials available. Ceramics can be utilised on the walls and floors of any room in the house. You can select from a variety of colours, sizes, textures, and designs that best suits your taste and decor theme. You may choose to adorn the entire wall with ceramic tiles or only the portion that extends to the floor. You can also experiment with different colour combinations, that will give a funky and stylish touch to your interiors. 


Ceramics are recyclable building materials. Owing to their sustainably inert characteristic, these tiles can be easily recycled and reintegrated into the production process. By lowering the pollution produced during the production of non-recyclable objects and preventing the need for additional raw materials, ceramic tiles can help reduce the carbon footprint of residential projects and renovations. They can also help protect ecosystems.

End Note

Ceramic tiles can add wonders to the interior of your house. Because of their robust build quality, non-toxicity, and resistant nature, they are the ultimate ally of your house’s walls and floors. Plus, they come in various designs and patterns, making them more acceptable for modern homes. Though, on the downside, ceramic tiles are quite heavyweight and can be extremely cold in winter. If these factors aren’t trouble for you, Lavish Ceramics can perfectly match your place!