You'll be Mesmerized by the 7 benefits of using Large-Format Porcelain Tiles. - Lavish Ceramics Wall - Floor Tiles

You’ll be Mesmerized by the 7 benefits of using Large-Format Porcelain Tiles.

07 August 2021
You’ll be Mesmerized by the 7 benefits of using Large-Format Porcelain Tiles.

7 Reason To Consider Large Format Tiles For Your Homes/Offices

Although tiles are beautiful in every shape, size, and kind, yet when it comes to LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES, they truly grab one’s attention without fail. And, why wouldn’t they? Technological advancements have enabled manufacturers to go beyond the standard norm and churn out pieces of inconceivable sizes that bring out the sense of astonishment. However, you may get a little perplexed about what’s so interesting about these GIGANTIC SLABS that sets them apart and great for use! There is more than one reason to choose them.

As mentioned above, tiles are beautiful and regardless of their type, they’re undoubtedly the best paving/cladding materials for both in-door and out-doors. Nevertheless, LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES have some added benefits which we’re going to discuss below.

Many a time, we unconsciously start giving credence to the widely accepted stereotype regarding the applicability of LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES in smaller areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. But, nothing could be further from the truth!

Just like any other ceramic covering material, LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILE is a versatile covering option and offers unmatched flexibility for a wide range of applications. For instance, imagine your space with virtually no grout lines, and exhibiting a uniform continuity. This makes the floors appear more streamlined, giving the sense of more space. 

Let’s see some more benefits offered by LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES below, but before that let us first understand when to use these tiles.

Large-format tiles have a clean, streamlined, modern look, but they can also complement a vintage design theme. They come in a range of options, such as natural stone, glass, porcelain and you can opt for the one that’s most suitable to your design.

LAVISH LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION has 80×80, 60×120 and 80×160 size options. Upon the large variety of sizes we offer, we also offer an extensive range of surface finishes in LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION that will meet all your design goals and concerns of structure, visuals, and functionality. However, we suggest that you consult a designer/architect to converge to a much substantive decision regarding the actual size of tiles for your space. 

Reasons To Use Large-Format Porcelain Tiles

As mentioned earlier, LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES have many advantages, yet let’s see a few important ones from those below:

Continuity and space

Just like light-shaded tiles, and substantial exposure to sunlight gives an illusion of a more spacious area, LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES are also no less. If you truly seek to alter a guest’s perception about the actual space in the room and make your rooms appear more spacious, you should definitely lean towards LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES. 

LAVISH holds a wide range of LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES among other tile collections that can be personalized to your decor needs, giving you more freedom to play with your design. Whether a modern theme or a vintage desire, our LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION has got all the inspiration you will ever need.

For an impactful and spacious environment, you can use the NOOR STATUARIO — which is a POLISHED TILE with a luminous base and intricate nuances of colors, veins, and freckles that replicate the look of natural marble. The tile’s close resemblance to its natural counterpart (marble) has made it a highly sought-after material among architects and designers.


Large surfaces, because they can be used for so many different things, inspire endless creative design concepts. Owing to their size, uniformity, and higher technical efficiency, LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES can be used to create bathrooms, kitchens, and countertops, along with many other possibilities.


LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES provide visual respite from the distracting grout lines. To compare, consider a space with small square tiles (12×12); the number of grout lines triples and the eye finds it visually cluttered. The fact that there is less grout space in LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES is arguably their most essential design feature. Since, a single large tile itself covers a large span of the floor, less grout space is required between the tiles, making it much easier to achieve continuity in the design. Despite this, we suggest you fill the grouts using a color tone similar to the tiles; this will result in an even cohesive appearance. 


LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES are easy to install compared to their smaller counterparts. A large area of the floor can be covered with a smaller number of panels, which is a great advantage. In the past, it was believed that larger tiles were harder to install but it is not the case today. Innovative methods of installation and tool-enabled easy mobility have made Large Format Porcelain Tiles more conducive to installation.

You can check out LAVISH MORELLA COLLECTION which is available in four color variants that will surely set a luxurious statement.


The application of LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES isn’t limited to interiors settings only; they’re one of the best options for facades. Owing to the high-quality manufacturing standards that make them both structurally and cosmetically sound, these tiles give a beautiful, long-lasting, low maintenance EXTERIOR WALL CLADDING for your homes or offices. 

Lavish has an extensive collection of LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES, ideal for a chic or modern makeover of your homes.


One of the most prominent interior design trends recently has been a shift toward clean and contemporary designs of LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES, often with a minimalistic touch.

The main reason for this is that LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES have a unique, streamlined, and unfussy aesthetic. This is largely due to the ease with which these tiles may be combined with different varieties of PORCELAIN TILES to create a distinctively unified design.

Easy Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier that LARGE FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES have fewer grout lines. This also implies that less time will be spent cleaning your tiles and channeling your precious time into something worthwhile. Grout cleaning has always been a challenge, whether it’s on a wall or a floor tile. 

But not in the case of LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES, which, regardless of their installation area, offers the simplest maintenance procedure for keeping them clean and averting future damages. Also, they are much hygienic as they’ve virtually no grout lines where they can store dirt and junk that could result in diseases. Therefore, if you want to bid adieu to the time-consuming task of cleaning, we recommend installing LARGE-FORMAT PORCELAIN TILES in your home, so you can spend less time cleaning and much more time enjoying it.