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#9 Different Types Of Tiles Available At Lavish Ceramics

22 November 2021
#9 Different Types Of Tiles Available At Lavish Ceramics

Beautiful spaces need beautiful resources! And, LAVISH is just about that! Every tile that we offer adds to the beauty and functionality of the setting, domestic or commercial. We have tiles as unique as you, with over 1,000 options to pick from, including special collections designed and manufactured by us that cover everything from the greatest to the latest design trend. This post is to familiarize you with the different types of tiles available at lavish Ceramics and their characteristics so that you can view your upcoming revamp from a designer’s point of view. At Lavish, there’s a tile for every taste, style, and area.


Need the inspiration to spruce up your walls and turn them into a statement feature wall?

ceramic wall tiles at lavish

Worry not! As we have versatile, fine, and luxurious CERAMIC WALL TILES that would add a splash of luxury to your walls and set them apart! By using our colorful and elegantly designed wall tiles, you can blossom almost any interior. Whether you seek a luxurious bathroom or a sophisticated kitchen or a vibrant exterior wall, our range of wall tiles will never leave you unsatisfied! From a bright, light, and airy design to something sleek and vividly dramatic, we’ve got plenty of designer options with Matt, Sugar, and Glossy finishes. The standard size available at Lavish is 60×30 CM; however, we can make customized sizes and trims to facilitate unbridled creativity!


Many things change in space over time, but one thing that remains much longer than other designs is the “FLOOR”! Not only are they a deciding factor in your overall design but they are where you’ll be laying foot for a major part of your life! With the latest digital printing technology, it is possible to recreate almost any conceivable look. Although aesthetics play a major role in tiles, you must consider other aspects such as finishes and sizes to execute your desired look perfectly! To help you do just that, LAVISH stocks over a thousand different styles of floor tiles– from the contemporary to the traditional! For more clarity on the collections, we offer let’s jump right into it!


One tile that will never fail to amuse you when it comes to floors is the “GLAZED PORCELAIN TILES”!

Manufactured in nearly the same way as Ceramic Tiles, these durable beauties can be used as both wall and floor coverings! Though a little less durable than their unglazed counterparts, these tiles can help you achieve the look of your preference due to the glazing process. This also makes them less prone to staining and easy to maintain! Available in multiple sizes at Lavish; from 30X60CM to 60X60 to 80X160 and can be further customized as per your requirements. Some of the popular tiles in this category are the NOOR SATUARIO which is an unbelievably striking recreation of Marble, the MARMO SATVARIO with much cloudier motifs and veins-perfect for creating luxurious bathroom & kitchen flooring!


When compared to any other type of tile, DOUBLE CHARGE VITRIFIED floor tiles are perhaps the most popular choice for both commercial and residential projects. This is because double-charged vitrified tiles can handle heavy traffic and require very little maintenance! Our range in this category includes the AMBAS with beautiful vein patterns on an off-white background, perfect for adding a timeless visual impact. The DELTA, which can warm up any settings while adding depth to the space. We also have more options like the LAKME, PLATINUM, and OSKINO which can be used individually or in combinations with other decor elements to create wonderful ambiances.


If you’re looking to create a warm, farmhouse-style ambiance in your space, LAVISH has an exhaustive collection in its wooden tile category. Available in 8 color variants and 20X120CM/30X120CM thin strips that could be used to create mesmerizing floor styles, Our collection has the GRAPHITE, ROTTEN, APRICOT, ROYAL, CINNAMON, and VENUE which come in bold and mild tones to meet your preference!


Heavy footfall needs a stronger foundation and the FULL BODY TILES also known as the HOMOGENEOUS TILES are by far the most preferred covering option for areas that experience heavy traffic. LAVISH has an elegant collection of FULL BODY TILES in 60X60CM in multiple color options. The popular tiles in this category are the MARKOS, NOZEL, and their polished versions; perfect for commercial buildings and public places.


Soluble salt tiles are widely used in flooring applications such as bedrooms, drawing rooms, lounges, kitchens, and other residential and commercial spaces since they are the most cost-effective vitrified tiles. Our collections include ART 03, ART 06, ART TIMBER WOOD, ART OAKWOOD, and much more options to spruce up your space a little differently! Our soluble tiles are water-resistant and durable.


Make your outdoors more inviting with our wide range of outdoor tiles crafted exclusively to meet your style & safety requirements. Available in multiple color options, lavish includes some popular collections such as the SANTORINI, JUPITER, AXXITUDE, VEGA, BAYSTONE, KALAHARI, COTTON, and much more. So, if you seek to add that modern statement to your porch, ramp, or swimming pool area, our stylish and sturdy range of tiles will do wonders!


The Architectural Surfaces Series is the result of an urge to develop something that inspires creativity and innovation. This stunning series is full of textured intricacy, visual phenomena of subtle color effects, and intriguing three-dimensional punches. Whether you’re creating an office space or covering your home’s walls, these skillfully crafted tiles will set the tone for your artistic expression. LAVISH architectural surfaces include TOSCANA, PORTLAND, CHEVRON, FRESCO, and more flawlessly trimmed in 300 X 1200 panels.

We hope this article was helpful and gave you quick & brief info about the collections that we offer. However, this is not it! To get a closer look at our total collection, look up our collections in our website, or if you’re nearby visit our showroom to get a more interactive experience!