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21 August 2021


Although there are many tourist spots in “Morbi” that are worth exploring, yet whenever one hears the word “Morbi” as a general rule they think “Ceramics”. Situated on the Machchhu River, 35 km from the sea, this industrial district is rightly known as “The Ceramic City Of India”.

Before we dive deep into what makes this tiny city of Gujarat famous across the world and its interesting history, let us first discuss where exactly it is located?

Morbi’s Location

Morbi is a city and municipality in the Morbi district of the state of Gujarat, India. It is located on the peninsula of Kathiawar. This “Ceramic City” is a promising hub for all kinds of Ceramic Products, and has thrived for over half a century. One can find a workshop or a CERAMIC FACTORY with an attached shop in almost every nook and corner of this city. Each factory produces a wide range of CERAMIC PRODUCTS under different brand names, which are popular across the globe.


Although, Morbi has a wide range of CERAMIC PRODUCTS to offer, below are some of its unmatched signature products:

Wall tiles

Floor tiles

Double charged tiles

Wooden tiles

Full-body tiles

Soluble Salt tiles

Outdoor tiles

Architectural Surfaces

Glazed Porcelain tiles (GVT) or Polished glazed porcelain tiles (PGVT)

Mosaic tiles

Besides this, MORBI is also famous for its elegant and sturdy SANITARYWARE. Any pattern you can conceive, or any size that you have on your mind, in MORBI they have it all. When it comes to CERAMICS, the manufacturers of MORBI are capable of contemplating the inconceivable and bewilder you with their immaculate products.


Morbi was traditionally known for its ‘Naliya’ (roof tiles). However, in the mid-1980s, local entrepreneurs began importing machinery from Italy and Spain. These small business owners set up the CERAMIC TILE machinery and began producing tiles. However, the production of VITRIFIED TILES started a little later, and it is a relatively new phenomenon.

Morbi’s CERAMIC INDUSTRY flourished during the 1990s economic liberalization. Over that time, it progressed to become a significant exporter of ceramics due to the reforms. The development of state-of-the-art CERAMIC COMPANIES was facilitated by the easy availability of raw materials, modern infrastructure, and other technological advances.

Ensuing this Morbi’s Ceramic Industry took off, rendering Morbi as the biggest tile producer in the world.

How did Morbi’s Ceramic Industry get the title of “The Ceramic Capital” of India?

Morbi produces 90% of the CERAMICS manufactured in India. An unbelievable number of 1000 CERAMIC PRODUCTION UNITS spread across a fifty-kilometer x nine-kilometer expanse. The thriving trade in clay roof tiles was the primary reason that made Morbi a renowned name in India. As discussed earlier, for hundreds of years, Morbi has produced traditional Naliya tiles (roofing tiles), however, quick access to raw materials, availability of skilled labor, and supportive infrastructure resulted in MORBI’S smooth transition from a traditional roofing tile manufacturer to a modern ceramics manufacturer.

In fact, Morbi is renowned throughout the world as one of the world’s largest ceramics hubs, contributing to more than 13% of total ceramic production. The Indian ceramics sector is currently considered second in the world(China is the largest producer).

In addition to all this, Morbi has provided direct and indirect employment to about 10 million individuals in the country for the last 20 years and still generating more employment opportunities. The city has come a long way, from being a traditional tile makers town earlier to the more technologically advanced and fully automated tile-producing hub that produces a stunning 14,000 square meters of tiles daily.

Morbi’s Ceramic Industry has been certified as a TEE (City of Export Excellence) by the Indian Ministry of Commerce. Here are a few factors that contribute to a favorable environment for the tile manufacturing trade in Morbi.

Easy access to vast lands for erecting large industries

Availability of skilled labor

Availability of loans and support from the state and central governments 

Plentiful of raw material supplies

Quality raw materials

The vast coastline of Gujarat that holds numerous ports enables easy global trade

Sufficient energy supplies

Easy connectivity to nearby cities, like AHMEDABAD, RAJKOT, and WAKANER

Moreover, Morbi’s Ceramic Industry is a major TILE EXPORTER that has loyal customers in far-off countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Croatia, Slovakia, USA, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Dominique Republic, Malta, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Bosnia, South Africa, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, South Korea, UAE, Kuwait, Nepal, Mauritius, Argentina, Oman, Ecuador, Indonesia, Tunisia, Morocco, Taiwan and many more.

All these facets give Morbi’s Ceramic Industry its rightly held title of being the “CERAMIC CAPITAL OF INDIA”.

Lastly, within this ceaselessly running cluster of CERAMIC MANUFACTURERS lies our Lavish Group—famous for its elegant, luxurious, and high-standard tiles. The outstanding products that we offer, owe their qualities to our advanced production techniques, inclusive of high-tech machinery, quality control, process automation, and R&D.