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5 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

29 November 2021
5 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

You don’t need a big decorating budget to create a magnificent bathroom if you adopt these 5 ideas! To help you create your personal haven for spa-level comfort and elegance in your bathrooms, we’ve carefully selected 5 bathroom ideas to help you reach your bathroom goals. So, whether you’re thinking about sprucing up the bathroom walls & floors, the bath, or considering a full-on overhaul, stick till the end!

#1 Choose the Right Tiles

Deciding on which attractive material and color to highlight is the most fun part of designing a bathroom. That’s where tiles come into the picture. Honestly, tiles are the bathroom’s most enduring material. Not only are they the backdrop of the whole bathroom theme but they decide the final look of the design! You might be set on choosing marble or any other natural stone, but you may want to consider CERAMIC WALL TILES and FLOOR TILES before you come to a decision. Because of their perfect combination of practical and aesthetic features, CERAMIC WALL TILES are a highly popular material used in bathrooms all over the world. They’re extremely durable, water-resistant, affordable, and available in endless design options.

If you want a relaxing light-filled space, you may use marble look CERAMIC WALL TILES in conjunction with chrome water faucets and some greens to create a serene oasis of your dreams. Or, you may use a single color for a minimalistic appeal by keeping the bathroom elements basic  yet striking. Moreover, for a seamless look, you can match the floors and walls!

LAVISH offers a wide range of ceramic tile options, ranging from different size and shape to color and finish. Our selection includes wood-look, glossy, metro or subway tiles, and architectural surfaces (among other designs), making it simple for any homeowner to discover bathroom wall tiles a d floor tiles that match their existing color scheme and design concept. Whether you want a unique shade variation, an aged, characterful appearance, or gorgeous stone effect, our WALL, and FLOOR TILE DESIGNS will do wonders!

#2 Use Unique Storage Ideas

We all begin our day in the bathroom, it’s where we clean up, it’s only reasonable that it should be the cleanest place in the house. This implies no clutter on the counters, bathrobes on the floor, or scattered electronic devices or cords. This is where smart storage solutions should be considered. Not only should they be functional but also aesthetically striking- something that doesn’t interrupt the aesthetic flow of your bathroom design. With smart storage, you can give everything a place — makeup, cleaning goods, towels, and more — and keep your daily basics at your fingertips. However, selecting the right storage unit highly depends on the WALL and FLOOR TILE DESIGN of the bathroom.

Bathroom vanities, with under-sink cabinets, are the best when it comes to storage space. Cleaning supplies, additional bath products, and other items can be stored in these cabinets neatly and discreetly. However, you may use hanging vanities as per your liking!

For smaller bathrooms, storage in the form of an open or covered wall niche works best. It elegantly nestles all goods inside the wall, obviating the necessity for storage units that obstruct the bathroom space. If you are using WALL TILES for your bathrooms, we advise you to use a color shade that doesn’t obstruct the seamless appearance.


In addition, there are newer alternatives on the market nowadays that creatively combine mirrors and storage. Ideal for smaller bathrooms for storing medicines and other supplies while keeping the clutter out of sight.

Remember, there are no rules apart from the basics, so don’t forget to have fun experimenting with pattern, color, and shape. Create unique combinations with the FLOOR TILES and WALL TILES to bring out something unique and luxurious!

#3 Add A Statement Sitting spot

We’ve seen a seating spot in nearly every high-end bathroom we’ve visited, whether it’s a basic patio stool, a velvet ottoman, or an intricately carved recliner. In contrast to the harsh FLOOR TILES and STONE, raw wood and soft upholstery give depth and character to a well-balanced ambiance. Furthermore, the accents not only appear to be opulent, but they also exude a regal vibe.

You can add a decor piece that’s stunning yet functional to give your bathroom the ultimate private-hotel-suite look. For this look, you may place a stool next to the bathtub and fill it with cleanly folded towels, soaps, a candle, plant pots, or a couple of books. 

Or, if you’ve kept your FLOOR TILE DESIGN simple, a rug may add the right amount of interest with its classy touch! However, we advise that if your bathroom is smaller, you should avoid any perching spot and keep your BATHROOM DESIGN as functional as possible!

#4 Incorporate The Luxury Of Brass

If you weren’t aware before, Brass is an alloy that has been around for approximately two thousand years. But that doesn’t mean it’s obsolete; Brass and copper have been popping up everywhere lately, especially in the most opulent bathrooms. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s a fantastic way to personalize your bespoke bathroom design. The fun part is that you don’t have to replace all the faucets and fixtures, but a new soap dish, mirror frame, or a small copper jar can do the trick in your Bathroom Design!

#5 Illuminate With Light

From intense to minimal you can surely get creative with your bathroom lighting. However, the word “Luxury” in the bathroom settings does not call for crystal chandeliers or lampshades. Though, installing adequate lighting fixtures in your bathroom is critical to the bathroom design. In this underrated space, wall sconces, light bulbs, vanity lighting, ceiling lights, and suspended lights can all perform well, illuminating your design in an unique way. Moreover, you can also use the power of pendent lighting to highlight a particular spot, area, or a luxurious prop!

Hope this article was helpful! Remember, there are many things to consider while designing a luxurious bathroom, but these 5 ideas will set the bathroom apart with a luxurious quotient! For more topics on design and tiles, stay tuned and don’t forget to check out our website to scroll through our extensive range of CERAMIC WALL TILES, FLOOR TILES, SUBWAY TILES, and more!