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11 Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Tiles – Read Now!

07 April 2022
11 Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Tiles – Read Now!

Surface design is a form of art and is a creative process. Using tiles in the surface design is another form of art that can be implemented. Therefore, in this article, we will make sure that none of those leftover tiles go waste. Everything must be used productively in various manners.

After one is done with their home renovation project, there sure will be some leftover floor tiles lying around. There is a wide list that one can look up to induce leftover tiles in crafting. It also prevents them from being wasted. So, instead of throwing them away leading to the wastage of the tiles, one should use them in creative crafts. You can use your leftover tiles for the following purpose:

Patchwork tiles

The best thing about patchwork tiles is that they can be used in literally all parts of the room. For instance, balcony floors, stair steps, bathroom doors, or such. All that is needed to be done here is that one needs to smash the extra tiles. One can cut them into the desired shape and follow up by joining the doors. In the final step, finish up the process by leveling them with the cement concrete.

Tile House Numbers

With Tile House Numbers, the front portion of the home can be greatly elevated through the personalized house numbers. Here, it has to be strictly taken into consideration that tiles of the same sizes are used. The colors and patterns can be experimental. Painting them according to one’s own choice is acceptable. As it will bring out the creativity in the person. As soon as the tiles are painted with the desirable choice, they should be actively secured to a bracket and then follow up by placed by the front door.

Tile coasters

Coasters and pot mats are yet other creative ideas where these leftover tiles can be used. Under these tiles categories, the best tiles for such creative implementation will be mosaic tiles of size 8X8 cm. Just a single piece will be more than enough as coasters and pot mats. The 30X30 cm tiles will be the best choice.

Tile Table Top

The old outdated pieces of furniture can also be upcycled here. The best thing about these is that they are cheaper in options and using them can be way more fun. To craft a beautiful piece out of these pieces of furniture. The entire thing that a person needs here is a mini box of tiles and a handful amount of paint. In terms of outdoor tiles, you can use the leftover tiles outside. You can do so by using the tiles to upgrade the garden tabletop. It will hence make it durable as well as weatherproof the entire year.

Tile dry-erase magnets

This is a very simple project to start with the leftover tiles for the creation of mini dry easy magnets. For such purpose, glossy white tiles form the right choice but the individual can use their tile. All that is needed for this craft is some glue, magnets, and tiles. Here, be careful in gluing the magnets to the corners at the backside of the tiles. Porcelain kitchen tiles form the right choice for this craft. As a final piece, the individual will be served with an easy go-to write down for the very next grocery list.

Leftover Tiles

Flooring Skirting Line

Here, the leftover tiles can be used in making the flooring skirting line where the lines usually demand long strips. So for using the leftover tiles in a craft here, all that is needed here is a cutting machine to cut them, cement mortar for pasting purposes, and if not that then a tile glue will do the job as well.

Beautiful Decorative pieces

Beautifying the decorative pieces is also an option for using the leftover tiles. For instance, the leftover tiles can be used for candlesticks, and table lamps and the best option here will be the small-scale mosaic tiles. To explore the overall look of the place, various small pieces of tiles will be the most suitable option.

DIY for Mosaic Plant Pots

For mosaic plant pots, all that is needed to be done here is that grab a hammer to smash the tiles into the desirable mosaic size pieces and then use them to stick them to the plant pot. If you are hunting for ideas, you can always use Moroccan-inspired design. The finishing can be done with grout and after that, the mosaic plant will be ready.

Mosaic Tiled Bathroom Groove

Use the leftover ceramic tiles for mosaic decoration in the toilet. Here, reserve the two 15cms wide grooves behind the toilet wall and cut the broken tiles into simple regular pieces and then the grooved pavement can be done. This is an effective way of approaching the mosaic effect.

Tile Foyer

People usually prefer to buy tiles of a special shape so that they can be beautifully laid in the foyer. Here, the number of leftover tiles can be estimated so that a position in the foyer can be reserved. Following up with this, use the crushed materials to lay the tiles in the foyer position as this creative approach is both cost-effective as well as innovative.

Mosaic Arched

The leftover tiles can be used to create an appealing window project which wills hence a varied character to the bare-bones rental. This activity will greatly enhance the beauty of the entire view as it is seen by people.

Tiling is the best option that will add charm to a mundane home. For immense tile creativity, the kitchen’s backsplashes and the bathroom walls form the right choice. Apart from this, if there are tiles that got left after the hectic work, one can use these very leftover works and put them in a small project and form a decorative piece out of them.

Thus, if you are someone who wants to introduce some fun, practical, and beautiful craft in crafts using those leftover tiles, you can always take inspiration from the above-listed ideas. All these leftover craft ideas are fun and cost-effective and will beautify the place.