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Creative Ways to Use Black and White Tiles!

09 November 2018
Creative Ways to Use Black and White Tiles!

Black and white tiles are something that is incredible and looks more sophisticated. Now, this is the combination of both the darkest shade and the lightest shade of colors. Black and white tile can be a lookalike of chess board and looks great on any living space giving them the elegance and style of its own.

Black and white tiles are used for more than 100 years and they are still classic regarding the look and feel. Black tiles are more used for dark and shady space like bathroom and is trending top in the tiling industry while on the other hand white tiles are used for light and open spaces.

We love the extra vengeance that black and white tile make by creating the personalized design. When they are applied to any living space they appear to be pretty eye-catching whether its living room, Kitchen, drawing room, Bathroom, Conservatory or Hallway.

Here are some creative ways for how black and white tiles can make a perfect choice to choose for living spaces!

Perfect Checkmate

Just like the checkerboard, the classy designs of black and white tile are more popular and still make the perfect traditional backdrop for interior spaces. It’s a roman tradition having black and white color contrast that still makes a great choice in the current trends.


simple-remodel-chess-floors-8 new


Makes an Awesome Color Contrast

When it comes to the retrospective decoration with the timeless appeal than flooring patterned with the black and white tile can easily hold the crown of any interior or exterior. On the other side they define the luxury to any living space when applied combining the contrast of both!


Black and White tiles in Bathroom

Black and White tile are dramatic and look sober with any designs and patterns. To make bathroom space more creative than bathroom wall tiles & floor tiles get to be more inspiring especially when it comes to choosing bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles colors. Hence, a contrast of black and white tile not only makes the bathroom space look more desirable but also looks sober & sophisticated that everyone would love to get in!


black and white tiles in bathroom new

Black and white tiles on Kitchen Walls

Kitchen Walls needs to be more of glossy tiles which looks shinier and gives glow to the kitchen space. Laying the black and white tile on kitchen walls can be a perfect match with the combination of both the dark and the light shades. It’s an exciting stylish color combination that always works and has a desiring aesthetic appeal.


black and white tiles in kitchen new


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