5 myths about wood-look tile or timber look tile

5 myths about wood-look tile

09 March 2021
5 myths about wood-look tile

For a very long time “wood” has constantly played a great part in our lives and today we will talk about the product which was inspired by the wood-look-tile (Timber look tiles) it is one of the latest and highly considered trends in over the past few years.

A question that always arises in our mind is “why should we use wood-like tile?”

It’s A Good Wood Mimic

Well! with style aside, a wooden appearance can invite a certain sense of nature, which is difficult to replicate by other sorts of tiles. Thanks to the technological advancements today that can portray realistic wood-like imprints on the tiles and thus compelling the latest trendsetters to have these up on their list of favorites. Every new product just gets better than the previous and the quality gets only better, thanks to digital imaging and high-tech manufacturing methods.

The myths about wood-look-tile / Timber look tiles

Wood-look-tile durability

The main advantage of opting for wood-look tiles is its more durable nature over real wood. It’s a known fact that wooden variants do not have a wide area of application. To be more precise, let’s look up the areas where water and moisture exposure is high, this kind of condition can deform the wood and further limit its life. Above all, the main attribute of the wood-look-tile (Timber look tiles) is that the termites and borers will now be out of the chapter. The possibilities of application for wood-look tiles are endless, do as you please! Lay them in the kitchens, the bathrooms and they can work equally well in the living room or bedroom, and there are even exteriors to continue with the idea outdoors.

Wood-look-tile Originality

Many of us think that the wood-look tiles lack originality, well it’s not true. For a genuine wood-look finish, one must opt for tiles that come with rectified edges, to be more precise, the edges must be mechanically finished. This process minimizes the grout between tiles and further invites a uniform & natural wood-like appearance.

Floor cooling

It is a fact that some advantages of real wood over wood-look-tile (Timber look tiles) are debatable and one of them is the cooling characteristics. This is very much influenced by the local climate as well as the way you use your home. we know that natural wood is very much capable of sustaining moderate temperatures and give a warm and cozy feeling but wood-look-tile do not lag when it comes to demonstrating such properties. Wood-look tiles are best suited to radiant underfloor warming & If you look for such subfloor heating in the market, you’ll find many! All you need to do is just place the tiles directly on the top and obtain a warm floor.


One of the major challenges that many of us face is with lippage, a tile that is plank-like(longer) can become challenging with lippage and bending if there is a flaw in installation. To simplify this you must carry out the correct procedure of installation. Assign a certified installer to get the best outcomes and to dodge any damages.

Getting out of style

This is something that has been triggering today’s customers and the answer to this is “no”! Currently, the wood-look-tile (Timber look tiles) are one of the dominant choices in the market. As discussed earlier, not only they are encompassing a wide portion of users but also are getting better day by day. It’s no wonder that the current wood-look-tile (Timber look tiles) are just about the most exciting thing in the tiles market. In fact, companies are now capable of mimicking all the latest wood-look trends with textured looks and so on. In a nutshell, the upcoming year looks fun with new options creeping in.

Now that you’ve come forth the myths, start planning your settings & renovate your project as you please, and create the perfect omg moment!