Wooden Tiles Designs that makes Home a Better Living Place!

Wooden Tiles Designs that makes your Home a Better Living Place!

04 July 2017
Wooden Tiles Designs that makes your Home a Better Living Place!

Wooden Tiles Designs 

More than over 20 million trees are shredded off per year. Now this figure will grow more and more as it has became the human nature with such kind of acts. It seems like a nightmare when thinking of the future where use of raw materials made of woods will come to an end with no trees remaining. So, a wood look tiles or wooden tiles designs can prove to be a far better option to choose as they are more durable, cost effective and above all they are made up of clay!

 Well it’s no doubt that people love the wood effect style and elegance when it comes to their interior and most loveable spaces like living room, hall and drawing room. But it absolutely makes sense to use wood look tiles or wooden tiles designs instead as they are completely waterproof, scratch proof and are more durable and concrete option than wood flooring regarding the texture and surface of the wooden tiles.

To make sure what fits best on flooring is just about some simple question to answer i.e. Does your flooring is durable enough? Does it have the water resistant to make the dirt and dust washable on the go? Is your flooring surface and texture giving your entire flooring and interior area a glossy & shiny touch and feel it deserves for defining the luxury?


All the above questions are fulfilled with one simple answer and that is wooden tiles is a better choice rather that wood like flooring!


Here are some of the ways that Wood look Tiles or wooden tiles design makes your home a better living place!


Wooden Design are Marvelously Unique!

Choosing wooden tiles is more subtle regarding its wood texture and defining various patterns in combination. Whether it is the interior spaces like living room, drawing room and hall area of the home, wooden tiles is undoubtedly a natural instinct giving your home the glitz’s and glory of nature with its look!

Wooden  Designs which looks like Wood!

The most appealing thing about the wooden tiles is that they are much likely and similar to wood look alike! As inspired by the nature it gives more sophisticated look and the natural instinct of wood with luxurious touch!

Some of the wood like colors variants of wooden tiles is:




There are also some of the substitutes for the light shadings for wooden  designs!




Just like authentic wood, laying wooden tiles is a much better option which helps trick the eye while laying the tile in a very random order! In other words wooden tiles are the best choice and are super hard-wearing and cost effective!