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The Right Tile Dimension

03 July 2021
The Right Tile Dimension

The Right Tile Dimension For Your Space

The selection of tile is not limited to just fitting ideally in a space, it extends far beyond just fitting. The market offers standard sizes for specific uses and tile sizes that are used in various locations on a normal basis. However, in finding Right Tile Dimension there is a vast range of size alternatives available for the various areas of your setting. Different tile sizes have an impact on the overall aesthetic of a space and can either enhance or detract from the style and feel you were aiming for. You can go for BIGGER & BOLDER TILES if the size of your room is large, or choose a relatively smaller size for a smaller room. In essence, the size of chosen tiles warps the overall look and decides the perception of your space.

So, if you’re contemplating a renovation project or thinking of building a house from scratch, make sure you purchase the tile sizes proportionate to the overall scheme and space. Additionally, it’s not possible to select the right size before finalizing the eventual design as the sizes may need to be changed depending upon the required look.

Is it okay to decorate both my interior and exterior floors?

No answer can justify this question, yet it’s better to consider both areas while designing. What really matters here is that the places have a shared vision.

Consider how you might create the floor of your living room, which looks out onto the yard, using two Porcelain Tile Collections.

LAVISH’S (collection name) embodies the boldness of two opposites: marble’s beauty and nature’s beautiful geometries. It’s ideal for producing very distinctive interior spaces that are as unique as a piece of art crafted by an artisan’s hands. It may be used in a large living room with 90×90 cm ceramic slabs, and Tile Dimension the three color options AAAA, BBBB, and CCCC may be combined. These designs will conjure up an environment that exudes a timeless charm and gives you an impression of divinity.

The outdoor garden should adhere to specific principles in order to complement the well-defined design of your interior area. The beautiful(DESIGN NAME) by LAVISH has its roots of elegance in unique combinations and fits best in this criteria. (GIVE NAME OF 3D TILES), with its 3D and highly stylish design, is one of the finishes that adapts well to external situations, providing sophisticated yet gritty and distinctive aesthetics.

Both collections work well together to create an exquisite and timeless environment both inside and outside your house.

The Size Of The Tile Must Be Relative To The Floor Size

The most efficient approach to select the appropriate tile size is to consider the size of your space. Large tiles should be used in a larger space, such as an open kitchen and dining room or a big living room. Medium-sized tiles will work well in a medium-sized space, such as a bathroom, while little mosaic tiles will work well in a tiny area.

Additionally, you can use different shades and finishes to stir up distinct effects. For instance, one can create a Tile Dimension checkerboard effect by laying different patterns. Just like this, you can use any option from the MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES and NATURAL-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE to come up with a more realistic & natural look.

Similarly, if the area to be tiled is smaller, it’s better to use smaller tiles like (name of smaller tile collection). These smaller square-shaped tiles create a beautiful optical illusion by placing them side by side, therefore making your space look larger than it originally is.

Rectification For The Right Tile Dimension

Rectification is considered an edge treatment for tile as the grinding or sawing happens to the edges of the tile. It does not affect the thickness of the tile. Furthermore, it does not make a tile better or worse. Rectification simply affects the edges of the tile, which in turn means that rectified tile is ideal for specific types of tile installation. The reason behind rectification is to Tile Dimension ensure a fixed size in all batches as sometimes tiles that emerge from the kiln may have slightly varying sizes.

High Tolerance Level

LAVISH products have higher tolerance levels than standard tiles, allowing for a significant reduction in issues throughout the laying process.

Uniform Flatness

LAVISH PORCELAIN TILES come with an excellent flatness that allows the tiles to be laid at any offset level without warpage or upward/downward curvature.

Cleaning freshly laid tiles and tile maintenance

Remove all grout and cement residues from the tiles once the laying task is complete, or the finish may get ruined by dirt and stains. After fifteen minutes of installation, wipe the tile surface with a dry sponge or mop, then remove all excess grout with a wet sponge. Fiber sheets are the best technique to cover tiles post-installation. Use a mild acid-based cleaning agent if you still notice stubborn residue, but only after the grout has had a curing period of at least three days.

However, the thumb rule for all tiles is “never to use ammonia or hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives” as it discolors or reacts with the tile and grout, ruining the final finish. It is important to sweep a tile floor before mopping with a cleaner as dust and grit end up adhering to the tile and grout. Sweeping also reduces wear, especially on more abrasion-prone surfaces such as POLISHED PORCELAIN TILES, where dirt can scratch the finish unless you have used our scratch-free tiles. During mopping, avoid making the soap and water solution too rich as this can lead to a buildup of soap residue which in turn attracts dirt. Rinsing with clean water is a good practice when using any cleaning solution, primarily on floors.

When food or liquid spills, blot it quickly with a moist towel, then wipe it with a pH-neutral cleaner and rinse it with water. Always use a neutral cleaner that’s non-polluting and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for regular maintenance of ceramic and porcelain floors. While moving heavy items across the floors such as refrigerators and sofas, take extra care. Protecting the legs of furniture with protective padding reduces the danger of scratches. Finally, to ensure a fresh look throughout your space for prolonged periods, carry out regular maintenance as suggested by us.