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7 Tips to Protect and Maintain Flooring Tile at Home by Lavish Ceramics

09 June 2022
7 Tips to Protect and Maintain Flooring Tile at Home by Lavish Ceramics

Be it on the floor or on the walls, the tiles of the house are an essential part of the overall look of the room. And when one loves the room, he/she surely loves the tiles also. But is that love enough to maintain and protect them? To keep the floor tiles gorgeous and happy, all you need to do is keep them clean and maintain them with complete care and attention.

Fortunately, it is not very hard to maintain the tiles compared to the other flooring types like wood. So, do you also want to know how to maintain and protect your flooring tiles? Here is a piece of advice that would help you out in the best possible way.

#1 Make sure to dust mop or vacuum the tiles regularly

Many times people avoid vacuuming or dust mopping the tiles regularly. The tiles need to be protected from scratchy particles like debris, sand, dust, etc. by vacuuming them or dust mopping them on weekly basis. Some vacuum cleaners are very hard on the floors, and hence, dust mopping is the best way to keep the tiles on the floor clean with ease. Make sure you avoid the use of stiff brooms or any other harsh cleaners to clean the tiles as it may lead to scratches on the tiles.

#2 Keep the tiles free from daily dust

Be it the dirty paws of your pet or even an overflown coffee cup, the daily living can lead to the mayhem of the tiles of the flooring. Hence, one needs to keep the tiles or floorings clean and safe from any kind of damage through daily dusting. So, make sure you sweep the tiles or floor daily with a safe-to-use broom to clean the dust. After that, use a mixture of water and mild soap to clean the tiles using a clean cloth that would eliminate all the spills and mild dirt. Additionally, if you have pets at home, make sure to keep their nails well-trimmed to avoid scratches on the tiles.

#3 Clean the tiles deeply or thoroughly

As per Lavish Ceramics, the tiles need to be deep cleaned at regular intervals to keep them up-to-date. And for this, focus on cleaning the filling. Clean the grouts with a mild and safe to use cleaner. You can use a soft brush for deep cleaning. Again, if the tiles of the floor aren’t covered properly, the areas which are mostly used need additional care and deep cleaning. Make sure you don’t use any kind of harsh chemicals or elements for cleaning the tiles like ammonia, scouring agents, bleach, etc. as this may damage the tiles.

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#4 Use the door mats and area rugs

What areas of your house are high-traffic areas? Mostly the entrance, kitchen, living room, hallways, etc. are the areas that remain busy. And in such areas, the tiles are more prone to dust which need additional care and hard cleaning. To reduce the stress of cleaning in such areas, one can use door mats and area rugs. This would not only help in giving the flooring an enhanced look but would also add some gentleness underfoot. For this, all you need to do is place a rug pad below the floor coverings to protect the tiles from further dust.

#5 Make the use of Vinegar for cleaning the tiles

One of the best cleaners you can get from the kitchen is Vinegar. Vinegar is a multi-purpose item that can be used in cooking as well as cleaning the tiles without damaging them. All you need to do to use this DIY cleaning agent is to add around half a cup of white vinegar to a bucket filled with water. Mix well and use a mop to clean the tiles as you clean regularly. White vinegar or vinegar not only helps in removing the stubborn stains easily but also gives the tiles a shining touch. Again, it is also an effective disinfectant to keep the tiles or floorings hygienic. However, one should make a note of the fact that vinegar comes with a high pH level which means it cannot be used on certain tiles like marble or stone tiles.

#6 Seal and repair the grouts ASAP

To keep the tiles long-lasting, it is important to keep the grouts clean and well-maintained after the tiles are installed. After the installation process is over, make sure you have sealed all the grouts properly before using the flooring areas. It is also important that the grouts are deep cleaned and dried completely before sealing. Many people simply focus on the installation of the tiles and neglect the grouts. As a result, the grouts start depositing dust and get deteriorated quickly. Hence, it is important to keep a watch on the grouts and carry out their sealing process perfectly. Again, it should also be noted that the grouts cannot be sealed permanently. So, you need to re-seal them at regular intervals or after some months to protect them from getting into a worse condition.

#7 Check for repairs if any

Have you installed the home floor tiles properly? Are you cleaning them regularly? Well, even if you are cleaning the tiles often, there are chances of them getting damaged. No doubt, the tiles of the floors don’t need to be resurfaced or refinished, but they still need some care and repair. So, keep an eye on the tiles. Are they broken or even cracked from anywhere? If yes, repair the tiles to avoid any further damage. If the damage is minor, using the tile joint filler can be helpful for fixing the issue. But if the issue is major, take required actions or steps to reduce the veracity of the tiles. If required, go for professional inspection and cleaning of the tiles at least once a year to keep the tiles well-maintained.

No matter whatever type of tiles you have selected for your flooring, giving it some protection, maintenance, and care would enrich your house. So, are you taking care of your tiles?

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