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Do it Yourself Tile Installation

03 July 2021
Do it Yourself Tile Installation

The do it yourself tile installation tips from Professionals

Home renovation initiatives are necessary to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of your living space. You don’t want your home to go unattended while the rest of your estate’s residents are renovating theirs!  Home renovation projects, as you may know, are really useful because they considerably Do it yourself increase the value of your home.

You will not only see a higher return on your investment after making modifications to your home, but you will also enjoy other perks such as transformation from a typical dull living area into the home of your dreams with increased space, comfort, and aesthetics!

Normally, we would advise you to consult INTERIOR DESIGN EXPERTS and ARCHITECTS, but sometimes the costs exceed the budget and a “Do It Yourself” approach seems plausible!

To give you a precise go-to guide for your installation, we have gathered informative insights & tips from renowned experts and put them here to make your “DIY JOURNEY” fun & easy!

The 5 Tips from the experts are:-


Effective planning is the key to effective renovation! Owing to the advanced printing technology of the era that creates unrealistic designs, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice while selecting your tiles! With a plethora of options available, today-that are crafted skillfully for luxury and elegance- one is ought to be puzzled!

Coming back to renovation! As you’re doing it yourself here, you’ll need to put emphasis on both the bigger picture and the small details. Experts suggest that the best strategy is to start by devising a  renovation plan for each part of your home.

Since you’re in charge here, you’ll need to assess your requirements and then brainstorm them! It’s imperative to know what you want exactly, then envision the final design goal, write the end goal down for each area, sketch it down to get a rough idea, and take these into account. For instance, the questions to ask are:-

What kind of tile will you use in your bathroom, HIGH-GLOSS PORCELAIN TILE or MATT FINISH PORCELAIN TILE?

What color would you see fit for your project?

Do you need to personalize tile pieces for some areas? If yes, then what shapes would you choose?

Besides, this is an age of information, and gathering inspiration for your renovation is much easier than ever! To start with, surf your way through the internet and study some interior design blogs, grab on some high-rated interior design magazines and sift through some pages, or just swipe your way through interior design Instagram handles to unleash your creative spirit!

Right material selection for do it yourself tile installation

If you want to avoid a “roadblock” in the middle of your renovation, you must pay closer attention to the aspect of material selection. Believe it or not, this is a common problem that’s faced during renovations, and since you’re on a “DIY” journey, you are more vulnerable than others.

Experts have heard a lot of “regret stories” and they recommend being “PATIENT” while choosing the materials. It is important that you study your materials deeply, read descriptions and gather as much information as possible. To give you an idea about the questions you should be asking while material selection, consider the following:-

Is it only suitable for walls? Or can it be used for floors?

Is the material slip-resistant, if it’s going to be used as flooring?


Imagine having your favorite tiles placed in a custom pattern only to find them worn, cracked, or broken after just a few years. That would be surely annoying, as not only your time but also your money, would have been wasted. If you don’t want to deal with a problem like this, and you don’t want to waste money and time replacing tiles every few years, go for PORCELAIN FLOOR TILE, which are the most resilient and long-lasting tiles available today. However, if you are going to select other options, it’s important to consider the following:-


If you want to use STONE TILE or MOSAICS for your kitchen backsplash, you’ll need a dense, non-porous material to prevent stains.

If exposed to oil, dirty water, or harsh chemicals, soft stone types may get discolored.

Dense MARBLE TILES or PORCELAIN TILES FLOORS are less likely to stain than porous limestone tiles.


Abrasion-resistant materials, or those having a higher Mohs scale grade, are less prone to wear and tear.


Some people prefer tiles that will hone with time and don’t mind the look of a slightly worn material. Is this the look you’re going for?

Get ready for do it yourself tile installation

When it comes to tile installation, it’s essential to keep the momentum rolling and finish the project without interruption once you’re ready to get started. Remember, it is a creative process, so don’t get all anxious about any possible mishap, just make it fun and get the job done beautifully!

For many people, hiring a professional is the most convenient option. These people are usually aware of the best ways to level the floor in order to avoid chipping and cracking. 

Also, there will be some points during your installation process where you’ll need professional assistance, and in those times it is better to call upon them. For example, tile cutting will be required throughout your project, and it is better to call upon the expert in the job as it needs some specific skills! Yet, if you still prefer a DIY get the below items ready:-

  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Safety Glasses
  • Tool Pouch/Fastener Pouch
  • Solid-steel Framing Hammer With Ripping Claw
  • Hammer Loop
  • Level
  • Extension Cords
  • Power drill
  • Demolition Bars
  • Buckets
  • Brooms
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Tile cutter
  • Tape measure.
  • Trowel
  • Plastic sheets
  • Measuring tape
  • Mixing paddle.
  • Rubber grout float

The final touch for do it yourself tile installation

As you come closer to your desired goal, consider the other elements that complement your new room! For example:-

Doors, lights, wall colors, and furniture create combinations that will make or break the final look of your space. So, Do it yourself it is better to create combinations that will uplift the overall theme of your home and form a harmonic look!

To form a harmonious look you can change some elements in every space, for instance:

You can change light panels according to the new look. For kitchens, you can use utensils that match your tile colors. In the bathroom, you can use taps and furnishings that complement your floor and wall coverings. You can change the knobs of your furnishings depending upon the style of your space- chromed versions for modern and brass versions for vintage!

Lastly, we are excited for you and hope that these tips help you achieve your desired goals and make your “DIY journey” fun! We hope your renovation is executed beautifully and give you the necessary confidence and motivation to carry out such projects in the coming future! To know more about tile application and consultation regarding material selection, you can always visit Happy renovating!