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Advantage of Porcelain Stoneware

23 June 2021
Advantage of Porcelain Stoneware

Ceramic has been an influential part of civilizations since time immemorial and people have been creating art since back then. It has been used to encapsulate the social cultures in the historic period and this trail still continues. Moving ahead from civilization to centuries now, there have been several variations of the composition in the making of ceramic which gave birth to numerous forms of stoneware in the current timeline, some of which include Porcelain, a very beautiful and sought-after stoneware.

Ceramic is made out of natural minerals which are found in abundance on earth. They are shaped in tiles by humans but are more often looked at as naturally occurring stoneware. As opposed to ceramic, one of its competitive substitutes, Porcelain, is composed of few natural minerals along with few industrial minerals.

Porcelain stoneware has proved its vast benefits over ceramic stoneware through ages. Porcelain stonewares are high definition, which is nowadays digitally printed to mimic the texture of marble, granite, and limestone. You can’t tell the difference between both just by looking, such as the similarity in their construction. But there are huge cons and pros when it comes to their usage.

Construction & durability of Porcelain stoneware:

Porcelain pavers are denser and harder as well as they are highly uniform in construction. The density makes them more durable than ceramic tiles adding the benefit of less wear and tear. This benefit makes them more suitable for commercial use as well as for home. Sometimes it might be hard to cut them into proper shapes but looking at the brighter side of it, they prove to be really strong in-built quality. It’s useful in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, mudrooms, hallways, and living areas.

Water Resistance:

Porcelain tiles are non-porous in nature meaning that they have lower water absorption capacity which makes them a recommended choice for areas of high humidity like bathrooms, showers, and outdoor use. They can also be used in colder regions as they are frost-free as well.

Low Maintenance:

Porcelain tiles are really very easy to clean as their construction is highly uniform and they have no fracture points in their texture, so nothing accumulates within the structure of tiles. It costs expensive little in beginning but since the maintenance is very low, it balances the budget cycle overall. Whereas natural tiles have texture within them, which holds the dust, making them hard to clean.

Size & colour :

With the growing usage of porcelain pavers, they come in a wide variety of sizes as well colours and textures, some of which actually mimic natural stones.

Porcelain stoneware is strong, efficient, and beautifully changes the overall appearance of the selected area. The selection however depends on the type of lifestyle you lead and what environment surrounds you. But once it makes away in your sphere, it proves to be long-lasting and you will never question your choice of choosing it over another stoneware.