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Marble Floor Vs. Tile Floor – Which One is Better for Home Flooring?

20 May 2022
Marble Floor Vs. Tile Floor – Which One is Better for Home Flooring?

A dazzling floor is something that attracts anyone at a single glance. Be it your home or office, the floor design or tiles would come to everyone’s notice. When it comes to flooring tiles, from granite to marble there are various options and designs that would make you go crazy at the time of selection. Selecting a tile for flooring from marble or tile can surely be a daunting task. Hence, it is important to consider every possible aspect before you make your decision.

When it comes to selecting a marble or tile flooring, there are various things one needs to keep in mind. And through this piece of information, lavish ceramics will help you with a detailed comparison and description of both the flooring materials. This would help you select the right material tile as per your requirements.


Is anyone in your family suffering from flooring allergies? If yes, marble flooring is the right choice for you as it reduces the risk of any kind of allergies. The tiles along with the thick grout lines are allergy traps that can also be hectic when it comes to cleaning. Again, they are also prone to gather too much dust, particularly in humid locations. Considering the marble floorings, are well maintained and sealed from every side which keeps dust and other allergens away from your house to keeps your home completely safe.


Microbes and Germs

Perfectly processed, maintained, and fixed marble floors keep microorganisms under control with normal family sanitizers. While marble doesn’t hold onto microorganisms and different organisms, all surfaces should be sanitized consistently to keep up with immaculate cleanliness. Mop your marble flooring with a non-acidic, smelling salts-free, without phosphate fluid cleaning agent now and again to guard surfaces. The pores and the grout between the tile pieces, then again, are substantially more challenging to clean.

Joint Pain and Stress

Tiles are very hard, cold, and enduring. They have been known to cause pointless weight on joints and accordingly joint agonies. This is valid for people as well as pets. Moreover, marble, being a characteristic stone, is a milder material. As it will in general stay cool, it is better for hotter environments. Against slip and hostile to slide completes are accessible for marble which guarantees that you can appreciate a modern, smooth deck without taking a chance with mishaps. Oppositely, unpleasant completions on the tiles might trap more residue and soil while likewise compromising the glossy, creative allure. Lavish ceramics henceforth recommend marble is much beneficial for your health.

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Finishing and Variety

A particular material with its very own character, marble flooring is accessible as squares, chunks, or tiles. Regularly found in shades of dim, white, brown, green, dark, and other normal tints, various grades of marbles will retain water in an unexpected way. Cleaned marble is utilized to accomplish lustrous completions while sharpened and sand marble can be utilized for matte, provincial surfaces. Tiles are man-made and arrived in a huge assortment of plans, surfaces, prints, and tones. You can configure tiles to reproduce regular materials like wooden tiles, and even marble. Reasonable for both inside and outside use, tiles from Lavish Ceramics are accessible in gleaming, matte, and against slide wraps up.

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A normally happening material, marble will in general respond effectively with most substances. Marble responds with even weaken acids causing stains. You should clean any spills on marble flooring promptly to forestall extremely durable imprints. You can clean the floor with a gentle cleanser and water, give you a wipe dry right away. Marble ground surface will likewise require occasional use of a sealant to safeguard it from dampness. Ordinary cleaning can revive your old marble flooring. Tiles are generally simple to clean and keep up with. On account of their non-permeable nature, these tiles assimilate almost no water and in this manner are impervious to most stains. Normal cleaning and cleaning are to the point of keeping your tiles glimmering.

Artistic Value

Any flooring designed in marble is considered to be opulence and luxury. This kind of flooring is mostly found in palaces and luxurious homes which give a unique outlook in its very own way. The shine of a polished stone, its beauty, natural appearance, etc. add to the artistic value of the floorings. While on the other hand, tiles come with various attractive designs, colors, and finishing. The overall appearance of the tiles from Lavish Ceramics is less realistic when the tiles are compared with other natural materials. No doubt, it’s possible to create a marble-like effect using tiles, but the grout lines on the floor are sure to hinder the appearance compared to marble.

Durability and Cost

Tiles are incredibly tough and capable to meet the heavy weather conditions for day-to-day use. These tiles are both staining and scratch safe and consequently will effortlessly hold really great for a range of approximately 10 to 15 years when utilized with legitimate upkeep. Notwithstanding, tiles are inclined to breakage whenever misused. However impressively more grounded than most different sorts of the deck, marble will in general foster a yellowish hint after certain long periods of utilization. With normal upkeep and satisfactory consideration, a marble deck can stay in salvageable shape for close to around 25 years.

Considering the cost, the expense of marble, being a normally happening material, is more than vitrified tiles. The cost of the deck will likewise change as per the grade, uncommonness of variety, and so on. The expense of tile flooring generally relies upon the plan and brand you pick. In any case, being man-made, these tiles are more reasonable when contrasted with marble.


To conclude the content, both marble and tile give architectural surfaces yet they differ from each other to a great extent. The use of marble is considered to be a symbol of amenity and affluence. Again, they also serve with various health benefits that add to their selection chances. Tiles are cheaper. But still, the marble would be the winner as it is healthy for your loved ones.