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That which is unique is always rare and special, so is with the finesse of Lavish tiles. Lavish is synonymous with excellent quality tiles that define the beauty of a well tiled space. One of the largest manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles, double charge vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles and digital tiles, Lavish is famous for adding that sense of grandeur and splendor through sheer product quality.

Since more than two decades Lavish group is renowned for the production of tiles that provide finesse, style and quality. Our supreme quality is a result of leading edge 21st century production process that includes high end machinery, quality control process, research and development as well as automation.

Based in Morbi, a town known as the Paris of India given it is the largest production of tiles in the country, Lavish is identified as a benchmark for innovation. Accompanied by ISO 9001 certified methods of production that provide quality, Lavish Group is also known as one of the largest producers of tiles in India.

Amazing quality ambiance with a blend of Italian, Spanish and high end machinery as well as technological excellence and expertise is reflected in the well designed quality tiles that make our identity. A brand that is famous for being one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of leading wall, vitrified, floor and porcelain tiles, a wide range of our tiles are applied in for office, bathroom, kitchen or living room.

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The company has huge production capacity. Where you can find the ingenious sharp vision, global network and powerful backbone. The Company carries the vision to cater world class ceramic tiles. It believes in producing superior quality ceramic glazed tiles with a sharp vision on market.

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